A simple, powerful cost-averaging strategy that requires minimal management, Flash works with compound profits and gets out of trades fast.

Based on simple, proven principles with maximum profitability, Flash requires only a $1000 minimum opening balance and performs best in consolidated or ranging markets. Trade without fear of losing money. Trade with confidence using a reliable strategy.

It looks at all the major pairs and makes high-quality market entries daily based on a proprietary algorithm. Get into better trades, keep more profit in your account, and free your time to do other things.

Strategic stochastic guided trend-following trading system

Only entering the best trades, FLASH works with compound profits

A simple, powerful, cost-averaging strategy that requires minimal management

Optimized for trades with EUR/USD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, and USD/CAD

Gets out of trades fast and focused on low drawdown most of the time

Handles large movements without getting into risky drawdown

Performs in all market conditions but performs best in consolidated and ranging markets

Minimum starting balance as low as $1000, ideal $3000 or higher

Leverage: 1:500 ideal, 1:300 acceptable


Providing transparency is essential to help you set expectations. Below is a real-time Flash account registered with Myfxbook. See more details


* Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Meet the Educator, Dominik Plevnik

Dominik Plevnik’s successful career in sales has cultivated expertise in communicating with customers. His years of experience with expert advisor software and his passion for helping others navigate strategies and settings in market conditions make him a valuable educator for FLASH, KRAITOS, and KRAITOSX. Dominik provides AP LIVE training and coaching on FLASH, sharing his three-point advice to traders: Get excited about FLASH. Stay conservative, enjoying slow and sure gains. And ENJOY THE RIDE!

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