AIRO’s Trading Methods Explained



Whether you’re an experienced trader or you’re new to this world, there is one thing that all traders can benefit from: wealth management tools. There are different systems to choose from; traders should consider each option and choose the one that best fits their experience and needs. One of the options that you can choose from is called AIRO, which is known for being the simple way to fit Forex trading into your daily life. Aside from Artificial Intelligence, AIRO uses different trading methods in order to be successful. To better understand how these methods will improve your trading, let’s take a look at what these methods are.

The “Bag” Method

This method is recommended for all traders, whether beginner or experienced. This strategy is quite simple, but has a lot of great results. When the indicator shows a bounce, the arrow will indicate an up or down movement. All you have to do is decide if you want to follow the buy or sell that was recommended.

Trend Trade Method

The goal of the Trend Trade Method is to identify a trend while it’s developing, rather than after. By doing so, you can take advantage of the market and stay ahead of other traders. AIRO works by identifying strong trends to potentially lead to bigger profits. Another factor of this is to know when to use the best stop loss strategy. A stop-loss order is placed to either buy or sell a stock once it reaches a certain price, which is used to limit an investor’s loss on a security position.

Asia Session Breakout Method

This strategy is designed to capture the breakout of the high or low of the Asia Trading Session. In general, the Asia trading session has less trading volumes compared to the US and UK. This means that during the day it has a narrow trading range in the Asian Session. When the UK trading session starts, however, the price breaks out for Asia’s narrow trading range. This method works by placing two opposite pending orders on both sides of the high and low of the Asian trading session. If a price breaks out of the directions, one of the pending orders is going to be activated.

Zone to Zone Method

Zone to Zone Method, otherwise known as the Supply and Demand Method, consists of two types of zones: supply and demand. Essentially, this trading method aims to find points in the market where the price has made a strong advance or decline; it then marks these areas as supply or demand zones. The price will then stay in an “accumulation” zone until large institutions drive the price higher. You can then assume that after the price leaves the accumulation zone, not all buyers will get their fill and open interest will then exist at that level. Forex Traders use this knowledge to identify high probability price reaction zones.

These are just 4 of AIRO’s methods explained, but it also uses the Money Zone Breakout Method, the Market Maker Move Method, and Artificial Intelligence to help traders reduce their risks of trading. Although it’s good to understand these methods, remember that AIRO does everything for you. All you have to do is respond to alerts that this system sends you and you’ll be on your way to being an expert in Forex trading.