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Receive real-time trading signals from professional traders directly to your phone so you never miss a trade opportunity.


You can start receiving trade ideas from professional traders in real time staring today and make it part of your trading strategy. AP Signals are trade ideas sent to your Auvoria Prime Account or your phone with the AP GO mobile app. Catch pips on the GO and increase your profits in the forex and metals markets. 

Each signal includes the Symbol, Entry Price, Stop Loss, and Take Profit price points. If you can copy and paste, you can use the AP Signals with ease to enhance your trading opportunity experience.

AP Trading Signals Logo


  • Successful traders send you trade ideas, saving you hours and hours of time.

  • Receive notifications with the symbol, stop-loss, three take profits, and the trade direction information.

  • Increase your win ratio.

  • You can receive trade ideas with the AP GO mobile app anywhere in the world.

  • Simple to use, just copy and paste the trade details to your trading account.

  • Join the trading signals trade room for support and ideas.

  • Amazing Gold and Forex Signals

  • Signals can confirm your fundamental analysis and technical analysis for better trades.

  • Works with any trading account, on MT4, MT5, or other trading platforms.

  • Help you confirm when you should buy or sell.

  • Trade ideas use moving average, and price action and are delivered in real-time.

  • Every signal is tracked by the company and recorded to show you the win ratio. Contact customer service for the information.

  • Not for automated trading.

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How Do I Get AP Signals?

To access the AP Signals you must have an Access Pass, which gives so much more value. With an Access Pass you will have access to the most current software to help you trade in the financial markets. Adding this to your signal service can do so much for your market analysis of forex trades and currency pairs.

Don't Forget Your Access Pass!

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Never Miss a Trade Alert on the GO.
Track all of your trading products with this easy-to-use app. You will receive real-time alerts to ACCEPT or DECLINE trades suggested by your trading product(s).