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August 17, 2020 - Newsletter

Forex Basics

Summer is coming to an end and kids are going back to school. This is a great time to learn more about the forex market from the Forex Basics course with Adaeze Duncan. The more you know about forex, the more confident you will be when you are looking at charts and even seeing what the EAs are doing when they open trades. There are a number of people that trade with the EAs to make even more profit. 

Log into your Auvoria Prime account and go to the Resources section on your left-hand menu and then to the Forex Basics. You will find 9 languages to choose from. Start building your confidence today. The videos are short and powerful.

Forex Basics Course

Company Updates

One of the absolute best ways to keep up with the latest news from Auvoria Prime is to watch the company update webinar. You can tune in LIVE or watch recordings. This is one of the most important calls that the company does. 

Weekly update calls will continue to feature new testimonials from beta testers so don’t miss out!

New EA Boxes Revealed

The integration of the new EAs is a very big job and it is underway every day. The VPS company has just about completed its work. The EA developers are working on API integration. The company’s Development team is working on bringing it all together. To our knowledge, we are doing things that have never been done and we need to make sure it is done right. It will be worth the wait, promised. Boxes could change but we wanted to give you a sneak preview.

Chris Simonian

A Few Words from Chris Simonian

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about joining Auvoria Prime.  My first introduction was through a long-time friend and colleague, with whom I respect dearly, Josh Phair.  The next intro was with the Executive team of Bill, Sal, and Vanessa for which I walked away truly impressed.  However, what sealed-the-deal was my trip to Tennessee and meeting the field.  

I have never met a group of people so dedicated and focused on building a great company.  In my past thirty-plus years with established as well as start-up companies there is always someone or something that slows down the momentum.  Not here.  Everybody is on the same page.  

For me, this is the most exciting time in the history of a company.  The beginning is where everything happens.  It is where we all have input with regard to the direction of the company.  This is time we can all collaborate on our culture, our purpose, our unique selling proposition, our products, and much more.  It is also a great time from an opportunity stand-point as well.  Being one of the early pacesetters, you have a priceless opportunity to build a legacy.  There really is no better time.

As I lead the Marketing for AP, I am here for you. I want to hear your thoughts and ideas.  I have always believed that some of the greatest ideas come from the field.  The reason is that you are out there every day.  You see things we cannot.  My vision is to build the greatest FOREX company in the direct selling industry.  My dream is that each of you become a piece of that vision.  And there is no reason why we can’t.  We have the talent, we have the skill sets, and we have the persistence and passion to make it happen.   

I sincerely hope to get a chance to meet each and every one of you at some point during this journey.  And I hope we can learn from each other, work with one another, and build a long-lasting business together.

New Genealogy List

There is a new version of the Genealogy List for affiliates to help them organize and manage their customers and sales teams. This update offers a lot more features than previously, and we are continuing to develop the List using the recommendations of team leaders and consultants. Auvoria Prime is improving in many departments during Phase 2. 

Join us, Wednesday, August 19, at 6:00 PM EST, to listen to one of the best Direct Selling trainers on the planet, Todd Falcone. 

Todd Falcone Webinar

We are happy to have Todd doing a webinar for Auvoria Prime affiliates on building a healthy sales organization. If you are serious about building a six and/or seven-figure income business, then you do not want to miss the training this coming Wednesday.

Here is what you will learn:

  1. How to build momentum during the ebb and flow of your business
  2. How to sustain momentum
  3. How to engage your team
  4. How to get prospects in and how to keep them. 

Todd Falcone has over three decades of successful experience in our profession and is one of the most highly respected network-marketing trainers in the entire world.

Remove Yourself From Recognition

There are some members, for specific reasons, need to be removed from any public acknowledgment of their accomplishments. They need to refrain from their name being displayed in top sales boards, highest customer ratio, etc… This can now be done with the click of a button.

CFO, Joshua Phair

From the Desk of the CFO, Joshua Phair

You may have noticed a change in the back office when it comes to your status.
We had many people reach out to us with suggestions and we decided to implement a couple of key changes that would decrease the confusion in the field when looking at information in the back office.

First, let’s recap some key terms and definitions.

Terms that have not changed

  • Customer – A Customer who DOES NOT have an active Affiliate Subscription.
  • Affiliate – A Customer who has an active Affiliate Subscription.

Terms that have changed

  • Inactive – A Customer or Affiliate with 0 personal PV and/or 0 TPV.
  • Non- Qualified – A Customer or Affiliate with personal PV and/or TPV less than 140.
  • Qualified – A Customer who does not have 140 personal PV but who does have 140 or more TPV.
  • POP Qualified – A Customer who has 140 or more personal PV.
  • POP – Product of the Product means that you have an active subscription of Auvoria Prime Products.

This should help clarify things when looking at the back office to determine whether your people have purchases or not by looking at their status.

Looking forward to adding even more improvements!

Support Department Updates

The Auvoria Prime Support Team is continuing to update and improve the help desk and knowledge base. We have begun testing an Answer Bot to determine if it will work for Auvoria Prime. 

When a user submits a support request through a web form on Zendesk, the Answer Bot can immediately suggest links to potentially relevant knowledge base articles. 

We have also continued to update all Zendesk article Translations in Croatian, German, and Spanish as well as constantly adding new articles to help customers in many ways.  

If you have any questions in regards to Expert Advisors, Rewards Plan, or any other subjects please reach out to the Help Desk. 

From the Marketing Department

The Marketing Department personnel continues to expand with a new designer being added to the team this past week. Promotional material including logos, videos, & flyers for the new EAs are being created. 

This will help make each software individualized with its image and accentuate its own unique strategies. Lastly, the branding guidelines are being completed with downloadable files for rank advancement and banners.  

Rewards Plan Updates


The Rewards Plan presentation is completed and has been added to the Presenter’s Folder. If you would like access to this Presenter’s  Folder then please log into your AP back office and go to the Certifications on the left hand menu and complete the questionnaire. 


French translation of the Rewards Plan has been completed and will be posted on the website soon. You can find translations of the Rewards Plan at

You will find translations of the Rewards Plan in Croatian, German, and Spanish on the website now. 

Throughout the week, several live webinars are broadcasted so that people can get information regarding the Forex Market. Steve Vettorel, FINRA Series 65 & 66 Licensed, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Auvoria Prime’s Chief Market Analyst, kicks the week off and then offers a midweek update to share thoughts on exiting the market. 

The AIRIS coaches, in 3 languages, offer live trading during the week, and the Hawkeye Strategy is live-streamed every morning. 

Watch the recordings and discover which live or recorded sessions you should be tuning into to make your Forex Trading more successful. You will find registration links in your Auvoria Prime account.