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Chris Cole

Dr. Chris Cole is a global entrepreneur from Augusta, GA. He is an owner of eleven enterprises (and counting), doing business as the Founder of the Wealth Standard Exchange. With dual undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Business-Finance and a Ph.D in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, Chris Cole’s extensive financial and trading expertise has made him a seven-figure trader and cryptocurrency millionaire, enjoying a lifestyle of wealth and abundance. Dr. Cole has taught hundreds of professional traders how to mitigate risk and become consistent winners in the stock market, a talent that has led Futures and Truth Magazine to name him one of the top retail traders in the world, an accolade echoed in features on CBS, FOX, Dash Radio, iHeart Radio, NBC, ABC and other mass-media outlets.

Throughout his 13-year career, Dr. Cole has shared his knowledge with students via The Wealth Standard, The BWO, and The Junior Wealth Academy, and has also been a keynote speaker for financial literacy around the world. While his expertise has made him a highly successful investor, he has also been a catalyst in philanthropic endeavors, A generous advocate, Dr. Cole believes in giving back, pouring into the youth of our future as he does as Founder/CEO of the Y.O.U.R Junior Golf Foundation, where he uses the game of golf to engage youth in wealth-building opportunities. He has also been a motivational speaker at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NCA&T), one of the largest HBCU’s in the Nation.

In his iconic 1% Trade Room, Dr. Chris Cole lives by the trader’s creed, consistently striving to educate and structure a disciplined mindset for himself and every student.