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Chris Simonian

Chris is a seasoned Direct Sales leader who has built a successful career in Sales Development and Business Expansion. Chris began his direct selling career at the age of 18. By age 22, he helmed a successful full-time organization, which spanned three continents. In the early nineties, Chris worked with the late Mark Hughes at Herbalife®, to help expand their product line and enhance their compensation plan resulting in a growth of over $100 million.

Chris later teamed up with Beachbody®, to establish Team Beachbody®, where he implemented one of the most successful customer acquisition programs in the industry, designed the compensation plan, created the recognition and incentive programs, and guided Team Beachbody to approximately $400 million in sales in just six years.

Chris was most recently with SeneGence® International, where he led their International growth strategies building out a corporate Sales team in four countries, grew the Customer Service department to over 80 reps, supervised and grew Recognition and Events, opened three new countries and implemented training, tech, and social media programs resulting in high triple digit growth.

During his 30-year career, Chris has helped numerous people improve their health and financial independence. He has built successful sales organizations in over forty (40) countries through the collaborative development of unique products and services combined with the implementation of highly effective sales, recruiting and training methods, and innovative compensation plans.

Chris’ proven track record, coupled with his solid motivational and leadership skills, has positioned him as one of the top leaders in the Direct Sales industry.


Chris received a Master of Business Administration degree and a Masters of International Management (MIM) degree from The American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird), with a focus on International Marketing and Entrepreneurship.