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Nathan Williams

Nathan Williams, developer of AIRO5.0, Market Maker Trend & RedLight GreenLight is a veteran trader & software developer. His charismatic training style makes learning and perfecting the training game an enjoyable and rewarding experience for traders on every level.  He wants “normal folks” to learn how to make money in the financial marketplace – a skill traditionally reserved for those working for banks, the stock market and other financial institutions. With his trading products, Nathan shares multiple strategies in Forex, Options, Indices and Crypto trading that can bring success to traders on every level.  While Nathan’s excellent videos continue to be essential training tools for many traders around the globe, his AP LIVE Trade Room multiple times weekly provides the opportunity for traders worldwide to ask questions and get answers from Nathan and other experts in real time. Many people say that this one-on-one “instant” training has made all the difference in their trading success.   

Nathan and the TEAM of educators provide hours of LIVE training every week, where traders on every skill level can interact, get questions answered and enhance their skills with the support of others.