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The Best AI Crypto Trading Platform

The Best AI Crypto Trading Platform

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Choose Your Crypto Trading Strategy for a Market-Proven Way to Capture Opportunities in the Growing Crypto Market

You Can Enjoy a Precise, yet Conservative Approach to Ai Crypto Trading ​


Market-proven documented AI/ML Strategies.


Historical and real-time reporting always available.


Close your trades any time you need to and get your funds.

The future of hedge funds, in your hands today!

AI CRYPTO TRADING Strategy profiles

The Best AI Crypto Trading Platform


Multi-Balanced Profile (AP-XM155)

Key Settings

This strategy will make money in down and up markets because it can long or short the market. 

The DART code for this Profile is (AP-XM155)

The Best AI Crypto Trading Platform


Combined-Multi Trades Profile (AP-9336-A)

Key Settings

This strategy will make money in down and up markets because it can long or short the market. 

The DART code for this Profile is (AP-9336-A)

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With a market-proven menu of Crypto based strategies, Crypto Advantage is able to deliver both the new wealth generation of Crypto while at the same time outperforming the traditional HODL crypto strategy. Crypto markets will continue to be volatile in the future, and we aim to be well positioned to capture the available rewards with the best AI crypto trading platform.

Here are some of the Key Benefits

Historical Performance

Here you will find results of individual strategies for you to review. New reports are generated and added here once per calendar month per strategy. Feel free to view, download, and even share to help someone else win with the best AI crypto trading platform!

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Crypto Advantage has long lasting and outstanding relationships with the major crypto exchanges, clients of our service enjoy inside their connected exchange accounts the lowest available trading fees, and the highest level of VIP care through association with this AI Crypto Trading Software.

Risk Disclaimer

Trading or using Cryptocurrency analysis tools & software to assist you in trading carries a high level of risk. Only trade with capital you can afford to lose. This is not a solicitation to invest. The information presented ON THIS WEBPAGE OR OTHER AUVORIA PRIME RESOURCES is for informational purposes only. One should evaluate their risk tolerance and personal financial situation before trading. This is not financial advice. If ever in doubt, please consult your own personal licensed financial advisor.

Auvoria Prime, Inc. is NOT providing investment advice as all trade opportunity alerts are delivered to all participants uniformly without regard to an individual’s trade objectives, financial condition, or suitability. Unless a user has selected customized alert options privately on their own account to further analyze their own trades. These options are at the full discretion of the user and are not controlled by Auvoria Prime, Inc.

Auvoria Prime, Inc. does not exercise trading authority over your trades. You and you alone exercise discretionary trading authority over every trade.

Customer Results

I am using Auvoria Prime products from last few months and without any doubt Auvoria Prime automated trading software are very good not just for experience traders but for traders who are new in trading easy to use and user friendly software’s also Auvoria prime support is very good Ap Academy is very informative.
Usman Malik
I have been trading with Auvoria Prime since day one. And I must say, this is one of a kind positive experiance for me. Trading tools that AP provides are exceptional and great performing. Various options and strategies for every kind of trader. Great work AP!
Ana Muhar
Great Company with Great products and great support. It doesn’t often happen for companies to really take care of their customers but Auvoria Prime truly does that. As long as you follow their policies and the Ap Academy, you are good to go and will be happy with their products. You need to make sure to educate yourself and AP Academy provides that education for you to be able to trade. One other thing that’s really important is that they make sure they stay compliant , you won’t see them doing shady stuff like some of their competitors.
It is hard to look objectively a forex related company, because when you ride the market you are so enthusiastic and excited, but when the market is going against you you can feel you the poorest man.
The Auvoria Prime doesn’t offer any profit, because as they say they are not an investment company, but they offer really awesome tools for manual and auto trading. Of course you can blow your account also with these tools, so you have to keep calm and you have to make rational decisions to make real good money with them.
To can exploit all advantages of the products, the company educates you from the basics and if you have any issue the support helps you as soon as possible, I guess that they have one of the best support I ever seen.
Great customer service, large selection of products, the greatest rewards plan for network marketers. Possibly the best company to work for, to work with and whose products to use. If You are interested in forex market and earning money on it, but don’t have the knowledge then Auvoria Prime Academy teaches You all the basics + strategies. All softwares come with 24/7 support, weekly calls with developers, telegram channels for support and open discussion. Big community of like minded people, with big goals to inspire and help each other.
Sofia Javorskaja
Support team is 24/7 active helping you with any problem and Auvoria Prime community is like a family. Unbeatable EA Trading Software products and various packages choice makes you the best. My respect to the Auvoria Prime team for this awesome technology
Daris Lamaniaca
Great company with amazing products. I’ve tried all of their products and i would say my favourite ones so far are AIRO and Neo The Legend. I am also really excited about Stradamus coming up! So far me and my team have had great experience with the company, starting with the products to the customer service, everything has been top-notch.
Sasko Nedelkov