Auvoria Prime Customers

For every three (3) points you accumulate, you will receive US$99 towards your monthly membership.

Here’s how you earn points:


You must have a Bronze Pass or higher.


Refer at least 2 people, each with a Bronze Pass or higher.


Have at least 3 points in your referral team.

Frequently Asked Questions

For every three (3) points you have in your referral team, you will be credited with US$99 towards your monthly subscription. Max points you can earn in one month is twelve (12).

  • 3 points = $99
  • 6 points = $198
  • 9 points = $297
  • 12 points = $396

PEP Rewards are designed for Customers only. If you become an Affiliate during your billing period, you will not qualify for this reward.

Each Access Pass level has a point value: Bronze (1), Silver (2), Gold (3), Platinum (4).

To qualify for PEP Rewards, you must have a minimum of three (3) points in your referral team, Your referral team consists of two (2) or more people.

Note: Referrals still in their 7-day refund period do not count towards your total points.

PEP Rewards are applied towards your next billing period.

If you have a Bronze Access Pass (worth US$99) and you have six (6) total points in your referral team (worth US$198) you will be credited up to your Access Pass of US$99 as well as your platform fee of US$30. Total credit: US$129.

Customers in your referral team who are qualified to earn PEP
Rewards will not count towards your qualification points.

PEP Rewards are designed to credit your monthly membership only.

There is more than one way to invite people to explore Auvoria Prime. You can send them a FREE 7-Day Access Pass where they can enter ALL AP LIVE Rooms and experience exactly what you are experiencing. Auvoria Prime also has a plug-n-play marketing system for which you have access to utilize. It’s simple, easy and we provide you with a game plan that fits right into your schedule.