Humanitarian Projects

Creating legacy goes beyond just finances. Auvoria Prime is dedicated to giving back through humanitarian projects to help make the world a better place. 


COVID-19 Financial Assistance

Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen life altered in many ways. The financial shocks of the outbreak have affected many people especially hard, which is why Auvoria Prime has chosen its first humanitarian project to help some individuals impacted by COVID-19. We looked to our members to help nominate and identify those in need. To date Auvoria Prime has donated a total of $5,000 to families who have been directly affected by COVID-19.

This project is just a start and we look forward to many more projects, each quarter, in the future to serve our communities and our planet.

Testimonials from some of the recipients of our COVID-19 Financial Assistance

“This money is literally a miracle I’ve been in a hotel with a family of six and things have been very tight and this is everything to us right now. Thank you!”

“I want to thank the group of Auvoria Prime for the gift that they donated to multiple families that have been affected by the Corona Virus. My husband and I had to stop working and have been greatly affected by this pandemic, we’ve fallen behind on so many of our bills. This donation has been such a blessing to us. Thank you and may this company continue to be blessed.”

“I was so shocked, yet humbled and honored to receive this generous gift to help me jump start since COVID-19. I have had health challenges even before Covid and these ailments would have been unbearable without the prayers of my dearest AP friends like Brian, Al and Amy. Knowing that I was part of a strong team made me fight harder and longer.”

“We are overwhelmingly grateful for the gift you have provided our family. Like so many others, the past few months have been both financially and emotionally challenging. Even still, it has been during these hard times we are encouraged by those like you. Your generosity has provided more than just financial support, it is a lifetime reminder of how great an impact one act of kindness will have on someone’s life.”

My husband and I were hit tragically over the past few months by Covid-19 from our health to our finances. Our prayers were answered by Auvoria Prime to help assist our financial situation. They provided such a generous gift to us that it was able to help us get back on our feet and we are beyond grateful that God sent them our way.  They are a company who truly cares in impacting peoples lives. Thank you!!”

“We will be remembered far more for what we gave than for  what we received.”