June 2021

We hope you’re getting packed and ready to travel to ORLANDO, FLORIDA, because you can not miss AUVORIA PRIME’S first SUMMIT!
Join us at The Rosen Shingle Creek Resort
July 30-31, 2021


Auvoria Prime’s First SUMMIT in Orlando, Florida


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
March 2-6, 2022





Introducing... The TRADING ROOM!(BETA)

Thursday, JUNE 17, 2021
7-10 pm CST

Women in Auvoria Prime

By Amy Dangerfield,
VIP 2500

Leadership Drives Everything

By Davor Mesar,
VIP 2500

Auvoria Prime Marketplace

NEO the Legend

Get Ready to RIDE THE WAVE in Orlando!

Plan to get to Orlando EARLY, because there’s SO MUCH TO DO at
The Rosen Shingle Creek Resort. The folks at Shingle Creek invite you to:
Golf, dine, shop, and relax!
Enjoy a luxurious getaway with the BEST BONUS OF ALL… Spend quality time with the Auvoria Prime Executive Team and your fellow Field Leaders, all working together to
There is no more important thing you can do this summer to enhance your business success in 2021-2022 than to
Enjoy a luxurious getaway with the BEST BONUS OF ALL… Spend quality time with the Auvoria Prime Executive Team and your fellow Field Leaders, all working together to
There is no more important thing you can do this summer to enhance your business success in 2021-2022 than to

Here’s what some of our Field Leaders say about the effect an Affiliate’s attendance at an Event has on that Leader’s business in the weeks and months following the Event:

The Rosen Shingle Creek Resort
Book your room NOW at The Rosen Shingle Creek Resort Special Auvoria Prime Group Rate $135/night
(Regular Room Rate applies after June 29th)
Reservations: +1 (866) 996-6338
Early bird Tickets Until June 12th

Since you will have learned to RIDE THE WAVE in Orlando, you’ll be all set to spend a fabulous getaway on the MEXICAN RIVIERA next March at

Auvoria Prime’s MOMENTUM TRIP
to THE DREAMS Golf Resort & Spa

Los Cabos, Mexico March 2 -6, 2022

And these BEST NEWS of all?


THE DREAMS Golf Resort & Spa
Qualification is easy

Participate in the Momentum Business Builder pool through December 31 and you can be on your way to the all-inclusive vacation of your dreams in the Mexican Riviera in March!

Points will be accumulated based on the Momentum Builder Bonus Pool, where Momentum Trip Rewards begin with as few as 5 points. Build your business and you can earn a FREE trip with as little as 40 points. Build more, earn 65 points and you can bring a friend for FREE!

We’ll all spend five glorious days in the Mexican Rivera’s warm sun, enjoying unmatched luxury, fine food, plentiful activities and the joy of camaraderie with your fellow Top Achievers at Auvoria Prime. At the all-inclusive Dreams Hotel, winner of the travel industry’s most coveted Hospitality awards, you will enjoy exceptional service while you take in stunning beach views and luxurious accommodations, a relaxing spa, the finest dining in Cabo and wonderful excursions you’ll remember for a lifetime.
Through it all, you can leave your wallet in the safe because this resort is
ALL-INCLUSIVE! Kick back and relax because YOU DESERVE THIS!
THE DREAMS Golf Resort & Spa


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When you begin as an online trader, just about everything can be brand-new… the terminology, the process, the “ups” and “downs” of it all. Lucky newbies are brought into the industry by caring mentors who show them the ropes and bring them along step-by-step. Others have to find their own way, usually by trial-and-error, which can be very expensive. In all these situations, the actual trade is usually a solitary activity – just you and your software, on which you depend to do the “heavy lifting” of market analysis that helps you to make the right “Buy” or “Sell” decision at the right time.

But WHAT IF your trading was NOT a solitary activity? WHAT IF you could watch a trading expert in REAL TIME as he analyzed a market, explained his thought process, then selected the right trade and made a buy or sell right then? And YOU COULD MAKE THAT IDENTICAL TRADE, TOO!

This is the concept behind the Trading Room(Beta). Trading Rooms are online LIVE on a published schedule – generally one-three hours at a time – and are open to a select group of traders only. They feature trading in a wide variety of markets… currency, stocks, ETFs, futures, etc.

The way it usually works is that you purchase a membership that provides your entry into that Trading Room(Beta). You watch the expert(s) as they trade – usually explaining their strategy as they work – and you can follow their lead if the trade appeals to you. In a Trading Room(Beta), you have the benefit of the knowledge and experience that have brought great success to the expert(s), even if you have little knowledge or experience yourself. And if you DO have considerable Forex knowledge and experience, there is always someone more experienced that you can learn from!

Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could embrace the Trading Room(Beta) experience at no extra cost? When Auvoria Prime introduces our first Trading Room(Beta), you can try it out at no extra charge – it’s a service that comes with your AP Bronze Access Pass (or higher)!

We are launching Auvoria Prime’s Trading Room(Beta) this month, featuring trading in Binary Options. (See information below.) In the future, we will launch other Trading Rooms in Stocks, Futures, ETFs, Wealth Mindset, Goal Setting, Trusts, Business Set-Up, Credit Restoration, and so on. As we introduce more Trading Rooms into the AP Marketplace, you can switch from one Trading Room(Beta) to another at no extra charge – just the same way you may switch our software products!

If you have been enjoying your online trading business with us in the Forex market, now you can reach out to additional markets, where you can trade alongside the experts in the Trading Room(Beta) setting. This is the next big step forward in your journey to your legacy!

Want to experience an AP Live TRADE ROOM(Beta) Event In Person?

Join us & Trade In Real Time
When AP LIVE launches our First CITY TOUR in Dallas, Texas

Thursday, JUNE 17, 2021 7-10 pm CST

Learn from the experts! Donta Lewis, Nate Williams, Jackie Pineda and Cashmere Harris will show you how it’s done as you trade together.

Donta Lewis

At 23, Donta broke out of a rocky past when he discovered Forex trading and network marketing, starting the iMPACT community where he became a 6-figure trader & networker in 2 years. With two other 6-figure earners now in iMPACT, Donta’s goal is to help 100 more to create million-dollar incomes.

Nate Williams

The developer of AIRO, software featuring the innovative BAG indicator program, Nate has also hosted AIRO’s popular LIVE online training. Nate will demonstrate the versatility of the AIRO Indicator, which has applications for trading with multiple financial assets.

Jackie Pineda

With a background in software testing and experience in AIRO beta testing, Jackie likes to apply her “learn, absorb and make strategies work” approach to trading. She has a down-to-earth training style that puts often complex concepts into layman’s terms.


Cashmere “Cash” Harris

A trader whose nickname says a lot, “Cash” knows a lot about making financial assets like Binary Options work for you.
He’s eager to share what he knows with everyone in AP Live’s first trading room training session.


Who Says Forex Trading is
Only a “Guy Thing”?

by Amy Dangerfield, VIP 2500
Amy Dangerfield

Statistics show that less than 15% of Forex traders are women. Does that mean that this exciting method to make money and build a business is a male-only venture?

Absolutely NOT!

While it’s true that most of the IT world is populated by men and the same holds true for the Forex trading marketplace, this “double whammy” does not mean that women have no place on the trading floor. In fact, women are “naturals’ when it comes to building businesses where comfortable personal interaction – sharing their own excitement -- is an asset.

What’s more, it is the ultimate empowerment for a woman to build a Forex trading business! With her Auvoria Prime Access Pass, a woman chooses when to “work” (anytime she likes), where to work (anywhere she has a cell phone or laptop) and how much time she wants to put in. She can be a college student, stay-at-home Mom, a career woman or a retiree who builds and manages her wealth portfolio with her AP Forex trading business. She can control her destiny, be creative, and – if she is a wife and mother – she can be a significant contributor to her family’s wealth without disturbing the family dynamic.
So why are so few women building Forex trading businesses? This may be partly a result of our culture that has for generations expected science, technology, engineering and math (S.T.E.M.) to be subjects for boys, not girls. Recent emphasis on S.T.E.M. courses for girls is turning this around, but the change is slow to have an impact on careers in technology and the sciences… including Forex trading.
This means that for many women there is a steep learning curve when they venture into the finance and wealth building environment. The good news is that at Auvoria Prime every woman new to Forex trading will find herself surrounded by many, many intelligent, experienced traders, business builders and training options, so there is never a lack of opportunity to learn and grow.
We women may not be the inventors of a trending industry like currency trading, but we are fully capable to jump in early and take full advantage of the opportunity it offers. We are just as eager as any man to enjoy the exciting, luxurious experiences that come with a successful Forex trading business. And the idea that this business can lead us to the dream life of our own design is very appealing!
So I say to all women: Why would you NOT make the decision to control your destiny, work smarter (not harder) and be a contributor to the wealth of your family? As an Auvoria Prime Access Pass holder, you build a business easily merely by getting results in the marketplace and sharing your results with others. There are few presentations needed and you don’t have to be a skilled “salesperson.” The way I see it, once you begin to enjoy positive results of your own trading, it is a disservice NOT to share Auvoria Prime with others – with women especially.
Is Today The Day You Begin Building A Legacy With Your Own Auvoria Prime Business? Do You Know A Woman Who Should Be An Auvoria Prime Business Builder? Reach Out And Make It Happen!

We Have A Special Site Designed
For Auvoria Prime Women,
Providing LIVE Online Activities, Videos,
Articles, Training And Coaching.


by Davor Mesar, VIP 2500

I started my Network Marketing journey back in 2012. The first 6 months were a warm-up, while I learned the skills from my mentors and did the business after my job, but in 2014 I decided to go full time and become a professional in the industry.

At the time, I didn’t know how to do it, but I decided that I woulddo it – no matter what – right after I read what I believe is the most important book to read for any person starting a business within this industry: GO PRO by Eric Worre.That book changed my whole perspective and solidified my decision to become a professional in Network Marketing. For me, it was just like when someone decides that he will become a doctor. It was then thatI began growing as a leader inside me and inside my business.

Davor Mesar

Through this process, I have learned the 5 Stages of Leadership that can build your legacy and bring you freedom.

  • The 1st stage is to learn to Lead yourself

    Be the best boss in the world to yourself. When you learn how to be an effective leader by leading yourself, then you will also know how to be effective in leading others. When I joined Auvoria Prime, I had hardly any experience in trading, so I had to learn about Forex trading to know how to help my team to have success in trading. I was not just running a business.

    As a leader, you also need to grow your self-discipline and overcome the pain of this discipline to be able to push yourself when nobody else does. Great leaders will always do the things that need doing even if they sometimes “don’t feel like doing it.

  • The 2nd stage of Leadership is to Lead your team

    Lead by example. People will never do what you tell them to do. They do what you show them.

    Consistency is the key.Not everyone can go at the same speed at the beginning, but you must be consistent in training your team over and over again on the skills required for them to grow into leaders. With some people it will require more persistence from you to help them overcome their obstacles and have the breakthrough.

    Assignments. According to John Maxwell, “The speed of the leader is the speed of the team.” While that's true, it is important to remember that the leader sets many agendas in addition to speed. Keep the energy flowing with daily, weekly and monthly assignments to your teams. It is also good to create a team competition.

  • The 3rd Stage is to Identify the potential leaders

    Find those in your team who have theseessential characteristics. They are:

    • Willing to put in the extra effort for everything, even for the things they are not paid to do. Work only with the willing ones.
    • Coachable They always seek to learn more and apply it to their business
    • Hungry This is the one I believe is the most important. Those who are hungry will do anything to succeed. Those are the people who have already burned the boats behind them, so all you have to do is to guide them.

  • The 4th Stage is to Mentor those people into Leadership

    At this point, the people you run with are no longer just the sales force. They have shown that they want more and your assignment is to convert them from Affiliates into Leaders.

  • The 5th Stage is to Duplicate leadership

    People need to have their space to be authentic. Give them their place in the sun, their place in the spotlight on the stage. Great leaders always know to recognize others and lift them up -- and not just take the credit for themselves.

Make your way through these stages and soon you will start seeing leaders popping up in your team and taking your business to a new level.
Always remember – You are the Leader!
The members of Auvoria Prime’s Executive Team appreciate the contributions of Field Leaders to the training and development of our company’s Affiliates and Customers through this continuing



Choose the tools that suit your trading strategy! With your auvoria prime access pass, the choice of software is yours!



NEO provides you the flexibility to create short-term growth while maintaining a consistent, long-term Forex strategy! For Beginners to Advanced traders (depending on investment levels).

NEO is the Trading Software that has an entire CREW of Forex professionals working for you 24/7!

Here are just a few of the unique features you will learn to love, because NEO:


You will trade in a specific TWO-HOUR WINDOW each day.


Your optimal trading can be on LEVERAGE as low as 1:30!

Neo the Legend mt4 trading software


You can get started with only USD500.


for new traders AND for everyone who wants to diversify effortlessly!

NEO the Legend is the right trading tool for you if you would like these guys helping you to direct trading strategy and manage risk:

The Developer/Dynamic Coder FERNANDO BOREA

The Trading Algorithm Strategist ROBERT MCDONELL

The Expert Trader NIKK LEGEND

With the NEO Crew at hand, you benefit from their built-in user-friendly setup and simple trading management, so NEO is EASY TO LEARN!




GearBox allows you to customize your trading experience and leverage unlimited trading options. It is wholly CUSTOMIZABLE software that is ideal for beginners and casual traders and that employs strategies familiar to traders who have used Ainstein and Alexander products, while decreasing risk and increasing profit potential With GearBox, you can TRADE ANY FX Major or Minor CURRENCY PAIR, while the software SCANS THE MARKETS for best trade setups, focuses on HIGH PROFITABILITY Swing Trades and offers LOW RISK & low exposure.


VeriBull provides you the ability to make the smartest moves continuously to expand your portfolio realistically…with patience and a reliable strategy! Ideal for Intermediate/Advanced traders.


AIRO is an indicator tool that allows you to save time in monitoring the market for buy/sell opportunities while you go about living your life. Ideal for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced traders.


At Auvoria Prime we are always improving our inventory of Forex software to give our customers the best trading experience. As we are adding the most innovative, new Forex trading tools to the Auvoria Prime Marketplace, it has come time to phase out our association with older software, including AIRIS and EAs Alexander and Ainstein. We encourage users of Ainstein and Alexander to go to the AP Marketplace and try out the groundbreaking Forex trading tools in our inventory, including GearBox (which has compatibility with Alexander and Ainstein open trades) and AIRO, NEO the Legend, Stradamus and VeriBull. Your activation of each of these software products comes with a complete program of user training, coaching and mentoring to accelerate your success as a trader. To switch your activated software on your existing Access Pass, follow these steps:
  1. In your Back Office, go to ‘Marketplace’ from the navigation menu.
  2. Select ‘Switch Tools.’ NOTE: If you are new to the Switch Tools option, you can watch a video with Bill Wynne walking you through the procedure step by step.
  3. Learn about your new software in the AP Academy’s “My Products” training course for that product. The developer of your new software will show you how to get set up for the next trading week.


Show off AUVORIA PRIME wherever you go!

Auvoria Prime is Global!


Carefully consider your trading goals, level of experience and risk appetite before entering the forex market. Do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Past results are not indicative of future results. All alerts are sent uniformly regardless of a user’s personal financial situation. Auvoria Prime does not exercise any authority over any trades. All trades are at the full discretion of the user.