MARCH 2021


Get your ticket NOW to join Auvoria Prime’s MOMENTUM 

April 24, 2021

Live-streamed around the world from Nashville!


Auvoria Prime’s MOMENTUM echoed around the globe at the KickOff live streamed from Nashville January 30.


The first Forex trading software tool developed and supported by a whole CREW!


Are You An Auvoria Prime RISING STAR?
You Can be!
Why Is RISING STAR A Desirable Goal For You?


388 New Visionary, 186 New Visionary 500, 57 New VIP 1200, 667 Rank Advancements since January 2, 2021.


With each Access Pass, the CHOICE is yours alone… Pick the tools that suit your lifestyle.


Auvoria Prime has accomplished so much in less than a year, thanks to the joint efforts of our outstanding Corporate Team.


It's time for Momentum

Wherever you live in the world, you can join the Auvoria Prime MOMENTUM Event that will be live-streamed from Nashville, Tennessee! You will not want to miss this full day of information and motivation for Auvoria Prime Customers and Affiliates.

Here’s what we have planned

Risk Management Training

A high point of the day will be Risk Management training by Market Analyst Steve Vettorel!

Software Training

Customer-focused training about our software will explain the features and benefits of each Forex tool available in the AP Marketplace, as well as the advantages of diversifying by combining tools.

Affiliate Training

Affiliate-focused training by members of the AP Leadership Team will describe the updated Rewards Program, featuring steps to achieve Rising Star and to help your downline to do the same, as well as requirements to achieve all levels through Legacy.

Now is the time to SPREAD THE WORD to your global organization about this SPRING MOMENTUM Event. You don’t want ANYBODY to miss it!

Whether you are a Customer or an Affiliate currently, the day’s training will provide valuable insights for how you can advance your business with Auvoria Prime.

It is impossible to put a price on the VALUE of this full-day Event.  But here are the time-sensitive choices available for your Event Ticket.

January 2021 Kickoff Event


Chris Simonian, AP President

There is no doubt that our January 30th KickOff was an exciting and super-successful event. It was my privilege to start off the day sharing my own personal enthusiasm about the company’s early success and (or portrait) our plans for Auvoria Prime’s future.

Here are a few Auvoria Prime highlights that I shared with the global audience in my presentation:

  •  Company founders Bill Wynne and Josh Phair agreed to build Auvoria Prime the RIGHT WAY and remain committed to this key Core Value.
  • Our company’s solid reputation and bright future have attracted the most talented designers of Forex trading software products, leading the company to exponential worldwide growth in under a year.
  •  We are making Auvoria Prime the ONE SOURCE for everything you and your teams need to design, build and protect your wealth. In the coming months, the Auvoria Prime Marketplace will include everything you need for shrewd goal setting, financial planning, asset management, retirement strategies and wealth protection over the long term.
The KickOff featured outstanding presentations from trading and business- building experts who are part of the Auvoria Prime family.

We thank Keynote Speaker Byron Nelson and Nathan Williams, Darik Alexander, Mike Sancho and  Donta Lewis.


If you missed the KickOff on January 30th, you can find it on YouTube 



The trading software that has an entire CREW of Forex professionals working for you 24/7!

NEO the Legend is the right trading tool for you if you would like these guys helping you to direct trading strategy and manage risk

    • The Developer/Dynamic Coder FERNANDO BOREA
    • The Trading Algorithm Strategist ROBERT MCDONELL
    • The Expert Trader NIKK LEGEND

With the NEO Crew at hand, you benefit from their built-in user-friendly setup and simple trading management, so NEO is EASY TO LEARN!
Here are just a few of the unique features you will learn to love, because NEO:

  • SAVES TIME: You will trade in a specific TWO-HOUR WINDOW each day.
  • OFFERS CHOICE: Your optimal trading can be on LEVERAGE as low as 1:30!
  • ACCEPTS LOW INVESTMENT: You can get started with only USD500.
  • NEO is IDEAL for new traders AND for everyone who wants to diversify effortlessly!

Let us introduce the NEO CREW to you:

Developer/Dynamic Coder

With solid experience as a Market Analyst and Quant Developer, Fernando's strong data science proficiency in the design, implementation and deployment of trading strategies served him well as he completed 100+ trading automation projects for individuals and huge companies around the world prior to developing NEO.

Expert Trader

At 21, Nikk Legend witnessed a fellow Cornell University student make $300 in an hour trading on the Forex market. Intrigued, he left college and studied the market, becoming proficient enough to found his own company, providing Forex trading mentorships. After building the company with high-profile market influencers, he sold his interest to focus on algorithmic trading, which led him to NEO, software that he says will propel trading to levels as yet unknown.

Trading Algorithm Strategist

With over a decade as a fulltime trader and market analyst, Robert’s extensive experience bridges the gap between the theoretical and the practical. An important specialty of Robert’s algorithms currently used around the world is their design to produce the best outcome under LIVE trading conditions, just perfect for Neo.

What People are Saying about Neo

Are You an Auvoria Prime RISING STAR?

You can be!

Why is RISING STAR a desirable goal for you?

When you achieve RISING STAR, you receive:

  • A $125 Bonus
  • A beautiful RISING STAR pendant
  • Special trainings & breakout trainings at events
  • Company-wide recognition
  • An exclusive invitation to the special Rising Star reception at the Convention

If you’re a new CUSTOMER with Auvoria Prime, first enroll your THREE FOR FREE (to get your own Access Pass at no cost). Next step: Become an AFFILIATE and go for the RISING STAR!
If you joined Auvoria Prime as an AFFILIATE or moved from Customer into the Affiliate program, you can achieve RISING STAR by achieving Visionary 500 rank during your first 60 days.


You know you love what Auvoria Prime offers, so here’s how to share it with your friends, family and acquaintances to build your business:

21 POINTS = Visionary 500

Accomplish this in your first 60 DAYS to be a RISING STAR!
It is all a matter of the number of enrollees and their Access Pass choices. To achieve 21 points, you need:

Higher Access Pass choices require fewer enrollees for you!

A TIP: If you’ve been with Auvoria Prime for awhile and would like to receive the RISING STAR benefits, you can “RESET” yourself to start a 60-day qualification period for achieving RISING STAR the same way a new Affiliate does. You lose nothing that you have already achieved and you acquire all the rewards of a RISING STAR!

Make your next “coffee break” an opportunity to introduce AUVORIA PRIME to a friend or colleague!

Watch for exciting training opportunities in the innovative Team Auvoria Academy, COMING SOON!

Rank Advancements

667 Rank Advancements since January 2,2021

New Visionary
New Visionary 500
New VIP 1200
New VIP 2500
New VIP 5000
New ICON 10

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ASIM SHEIKHUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
ülari hansenEstoniavisionary
abdelhadi elsaid hassanItalyvisionary
Abdelhamid NoumriItalyvip-1200
Abdul hadi MohammedAustraliavisionary
Abdul haseeb SyedAustraliavisionary-500
Abdul MohammedAustraliavisionary
Abdul MohammedAustraliavisionary
Abdul QuddusAustraliavisionary-500
Abdul RahimUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Abdul Rehman TariqAustraliavisionary
ABHISHEK ABHISHEKAustraliavisionary-500
Abu Morshed Ziaul HuqAustraliavisionary
Abu Sayem,Australiavisionary-500
abul basharAustraliavisionary-500
Adam SuhweilUnited States (US)visionary-1200
Adeeba IslamAustraliavisionary-1200
adeela nawazUnited Kingdom (UK)vip-2500
Aftab ShahUnited Kingdom (UK)vip-1200
Afzal AgaAustraliavisionary
Ai TraderUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Ajay BhusaryCanadavisionary
AJAY SINGHIndiavisionary-500
AKASH PATELAustraliavisionary
Akshay MalhotraAustraliavisionary
Alamgir kabirAustraliavisionary
Alar ToomEstoniavisionary-500
alberto rodegariItalyvisionary
Alejandro CanellasAustraliavisionary-1200
Alessandro AmadioItalyvisionary
Alessandro BoemItalyvisionary
Alessandro ManentiItalyvisionary
Alessandro StrippoliItalyvisionary
ALEX SANTINIItalyvisionary
Alexis ClementUnited States (US)visionary
Alexis HeatriceUnited States (US)visionary-500
Ali AfzalAustraliavisionary
Ali YounasAustraliavisionary-500
Alok SharmaUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Amair A MohammedAustraliavisionary
Amandeep DhingraAustraliavisionary
Amandeep KaurAustraliavip-2500
Amber RamsayUnited States (US)visionary
Ameer KhanAustraliavisionary-500
AMINA CHOWDHURYAustraliavip-1200
AMIT SAINIAustraliavisionary-500
AMITABEN PATELAustraliavisionary
Ammar HussainUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Amrinder KaurUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Amrit BhangalAustraliavisionary
Amritjot Kaur GulatiIndiavisionary
Anamika KishoreAustraliavisionary
Anand NambiarAustraliavisionary
Anas BenlamineItalyvisionary-500
Andrea MaffeiItalyvisionary
Andrea pezzottiItalyvisionary
Andreas GroszSwedenvisionary
Andreas OlssonSwedenvisionary
Andy ChristensenUnited States (US)visionary
Anharuzzaman chowdhuryUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Anil MongiaAustraliavisionary-500
Anjna DayalAustraliavisionary
Ankoor DesaiAustraliavisionary
ANKUR VERMAAustraliavisionary
Anna Maria EspositoItalyvisionary
Antty LillepuuEstoniavisionary-1200
ANUP SINHAAustraliavisionary
Anurag MathurUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Anusha ChityalaAustraliavisionary-500
Aparna Sanam VenkataAustraliavisionary-500
arfan rashidUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Arlon MortigaUnited States (US)visionary
ARUN SHARMAAustraliavip-1200
Arun SoodAustraliavisionary
Arvind Kumar raiQatarvisionary-500
Ashaduzzaman khanAustraliavisionary-500
Ashfaq MohammedAustraliavisionary
Ashish GoswamiAustraliavisionary
Ashish MathurUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Ashley YoungUnited States (US)visionary-500
Ashok GiriCanadavisionary-500
Ashok MaramAustraliavisionary
ASHUTOSH SHARMAAustraliavisionary
Ashwani SharmaAustraliaicon-2500
Ashwini DongreAustraliavisionary
Asif LalaniAustraliavisionary
asim musaddaqUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
ASRAR MOHAMMEDAustraliavisionary
Astha Shakti PandeyAustraliavisionary
Atiya SultanaAustraliavisionary-500
Avtar SinghUnited Kingdom (UK)icon-2500
Awais ChaudhryUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Azam H MuhammadAustraliavisionary
Azhar HussianUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Banoch KumarUnited Kingdom (UK)vip-1200
Bari MohammedAustraliavip-2500
Bassam BayoumiItalyvisionary-500
Bertazza DenniItalyvisionary
Bhav DattAustraliavisionary
Bilal GhauriUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
bilal lamaineBelgiumvisionary
BIPIN KALRAAustraliavisionary-500
Bipin PatelAustraliavisionary
Bob ByrumUnited States (US)visionary
Bobby ChellaneAustraliaicon-5000
BOBBY IslamAustraliavisionary-1200
Brett KingstreeCanadavisionary-500
Brett ShillingtonCanadavisionary-500
Brian STRUBHARUnited States (US)visionary
Brian WeberUnited States (US)visionary
Brice Vanel Tchaga NjeutaCameroonvisionary
BRIJALBEN PATELAustraliavisionary-500
Brittany HughesUnited States (US)visionary-500
CAPT TAHIR SABIRPakistanvisionary
CD Manaloto OPPAustraliavisionary-500
CDM SMSF1Australiavip-1200
Cesar RodriguezUnited States (US)visionary
ch bashir ahmedPakistanvisionary-500
Chandan DangAustraliavisionary
Charanjit KaurIndiavisionary-500
Charles SchottlandUnited States (US)visionary
Charli TelfortCanadavisionary
Charlotte SelvadossAustraliavisionary
charuben PatelAustraliavip-1200
Che ShivaUnited States (US)visionary
Chetan AroraAustraliavisionary-500
Chinmaye PandaAustraliavisionary-500
Chiranjeeva ReddyAustraliavisionary
Chitharanjan DasAustraliavisionary
Chris McNerneyUnited States (US)visionary
Chris OkoegualeUnited States (US)visionary-500
Christian HolmenSwedenvisionary
Collin FloydUnited States (US)visionary-500
Concord InvIndiavisionary
Corbin ChmilarCanadavisionary-500
Corey MooreUnited States (US)visionary-500
Cowri Shangar RajanAustraliaicon-2500
G KhakwaniUnited Kingdom (UK)vip-2500
Garett FrancisCanadavisionary
Gemmalyn EnteroPhilippinesvisionary-500
Gerry SchroederCanadavisionary
Ghulam KhanAustraliavisionary
Gioele Antonio MasillaItalyvisionary
Giorgio GrecoItalyvisionary-500
Giuseppe PudiaItalyvisionary
Gopiben PatelAustraliavisionary-500
Gurdeep NagpalAustraliavip-2500
Gurjeet SinghAustraliavisionary
GURMEET KAURAustraliavisionary
Gurneet SoniAustraliavisionary-500
Guruprasad Vemgal AmarnathAustraliavisionary
hadi NazariAustraliavisionary
Hafiz HussainUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Hamidul IslamAustraliavisionary
Hammad HussainPakistanvisionary
Harpal NandhaGermanyvisionary-500
Harpreet Kaur MatharuCanadavisionary
Harrie SeerdenNetherlandsvisionary-500
Harry McMillanUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
HASANALI KOTADIAAustraliavisionary-500
Hemangini PatelUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Hetal ChauhanAustraliavisionary
Hina PatelAustraliavisionary
Hirenkumar PatelAustraliavisionary
Hiteshkumar PatelAustraliavisionary
HS RaitCanadavip-1200
Hyder Rahman KhanAustraliavisionary
hylarie kenneCameroonvisionary-500
ian RamFrancevisionary
Imtiaz AhmedUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Imtiaz KhajaAustraliavisionary
Inban SelvadossAustraliavisionary
Isaac Catumbo MatiasSouth Africavisionary
Isha GirdharAustraliavisionary-500
Iulia ArbuzovaItalyvip-1200
IVO PRIGIONIItalyvisionary-500
M S PuriUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Machender KothakondaAustraliavisionary
Machteld BekkersNetherlandsvisionary
Madiha MirUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Mahammed Anamul HoqueAustraliavisionary-500
Mahboob AlamPakistanvisionary
Mahmood IqbalUnited Kingdom (UK)vip-2500
mahmoud elmowafyItalyvip-1200
Manoj AgrawalAustraliavisionary
Manpreet SinghAustraliavisionary
Mansoor AhmadCanadavisionary-500
Marco LiniItalyvisionary
Marco ManentiItalyvip-1200
Marco RegaglioItalyvisionary
marge hünnevEstoniavisionary
Marie ManiassomCameroonvisionary-500
Massimo ManentiItalyvisionary-500
Matteo CarozzaItalyvisionary
Matteo MadottoItalyvisionary
Matteo QlbiniItalyvisionary
Matteo TeresiItalyvisionary
Mausumi DeyAustraliavisionary
Mayurkumar ChauhanAustraliavisionary-500
Md Alamgir A RahatAustraliavisionary
Md Alamgir HossainAustraliavisionary
Md Anwarul HaqueAustraliavisionary
md ariful haqueAustraliavisionary
Md Golam RasulAustraliavisionary-500
Md Mizanur RahmanAustraliavisionary-500
md mohaiman khan chowdhuryAustraliavisionary
MD RaselAustraliavisionary
Md Saiful IslamAustraliavisionary
Md Saqueb HannanAustraliavisionary
Md ziaul HaqueAustraliavisionary-500
Meenakumari ChauhanAustraliavisionary
Mehadi HasanAustraliavip-2500
Mehak SethiAustraliavisionary-500
Melissa TarrykUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Michael KellyUnited States (US)visionary
Michael MooreUnited States (US)visionary
Michel CarvalhoSwitzerlandvisionary
Mihkel KorelaEstoniavisionary
Mike WilcottCanadavisionary
Mikk AedmäeEstoniavisionary
Mirza Aynain BegAustraliavisionary-500
Mirza Kaunain BEGAustraliaicon-2500
MOBUnited States (US)visionary-500
Mohamed abdelaziz mohamed elmowafy MohamedItalyvisionary
Mohamed bedir aboukhalil abdelmoeti EldanafItalyvisionary-500
mohammad afzalPakistanvisionary
Mohammad AliAustraliavisionary
Mohammad AliAustraliavisionary-500
Mohammad Ali ShikderAustraliavisionary
Mohammad ALMOMIN AHMED SHARIFFrancevisionary
Mohammad ImtiazUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Mohammad IslamAustraliavisionary
mohammad khanAustraliavisionary
Mohammad KhanAustraliavisionary
Mohammad N U BhuiyanAustraliavisionary-500
Mohammad Najeeb MughalQatarvisionary-500
MOHAMMAD RIYADFrancevisionary
Mohammad Sayem SheikhAustraliavisionary
Mohammad SikderAustraliaicon-2500
Mohammad Sirajul IslamAustraliavisionary
Mohammed Abul MonsurAustraliavisionary
MOHAMMED ASHRAF ALIUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Mohammed IslamAustraliavip-1200
Mohammed Jamshed RiazUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
MOHAMMED KABIRAustraliaicon-2500
Mohammed KamalAustraliavisionary-500
MOHAMMED MOLLAAustraliavisionary-1200
Mohammed Nasar IqbalIndiavisionary
Mohammed S HasanAustraliavip-1200
Mohammed Shafi HassanAustraliaicon-10
Mohammed ShafiqueUnited Kingdom (UK)icon-10
Mohammed ShariefAustraliavisionary
Mohsin KamalUnited Arab Emiratesvip-1200
Monica DonatiItalyvisionary-500
Monique DavisUnited States (US)vip-1200
mostafa labiadItalyvisionary
Mudasir Mohammed NaseeruddinAustraliavisionary
Muhammad AbbasUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Muhammad Abdullah BIn AftabPakistanvip-1200
muhammad ahmadUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Muhammad Arif KhanUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Muhammad Ashraf KhakwaniUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
muhammad imranUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Muhammad Mustafa Rafiq RajpootPakistanvisionary
Muhammad NazimAustraliavisionary
Muhammad SARFRAZUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Muhammad Zaheer Khan AbbasiPakistanvip-1200
Muzammal ZubairPakistanvisionary
Nadeem AhmedPakistanvisionary
Nadim RazaqUnited Kingdom (UK)vip-1200
Namat SadiqeeUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
NANCY ANITHA SELVADOSSAustraliavisionary-500
naqash FaizUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Narsimha Raju RaachuriAustraliavisionary
Nasir Javaid MalikPakistanvisionary
Nasir MahmoodUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Natalia LetorioItalyvisionary
Nathan DraperCanadavisionary
Nausheen MoinIndiavisionary
Navdeep SidhuAustraliavisionary-500
Naveen ShuklaAustraliavisionary-500
Navnoorpreet KaurAustraliavisionary
Nazia SultanaAustraliavisionary
Ndoze Kepta Isaura laureCameroonvisionary
Neelima NallamothuAustraliavisionary-500
Neeraj SinghAustraliavisionary
Neetha GuduruAustraliavisionary-500
Nelton BiscetteUnited States (US)visionary
Nicane MayneCanadavisionary
NIKHAL SHARMAAustraliavisionary-500
Nilaufer K SinghAustraliavisionary-500
Nisar AhmedAustraliavisionary-500
NISHANT KUMARAustraliavisionary-500
noman nomanPakistanvisionary
Noman QaziUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
nomana javedUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
NOOR SHADUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
numan afzalCanadavisionary
Nur UddinAustraliavisionary
Nusrat BabyAustraliavisionary-500
Nusrat FardinAustraliavisionary


S KhakwaniUnited Kingdom (UK)vip-1200
s r suthariAustraliavisionary-500
sabir shahUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
SACHIN KUMARAustraliavisionary-500
Sachin PatelAustraliavisionary
Saeed Arshad ChoudhryUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Safina WaqarUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Sagar BidariAustraliavisionary
SAJEEV ARYAAustraliavisionary
Salim AhmedAustraliavisionary-500
Salima AbdulAustraliavisionary
Salman SyedAustraliavisionary-500
Samantha RemillardCanadavisionary
Sameer Iqbal MohammedAustraliavisionary
Sami SiddiquiIndiavisionary
Samina MASIHUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Samuel AgostiniItalyvisionary-500
Samuel FleuridorUnited States (US)visionary-500
Samuel SelvadossAustraliavisionary
sanaa kchibelItalyvisionary
Sandip Dineshbhai PatelAustraliavisionary
Sandip SinghUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Sandra LazzarottoItalyvisionary-500
SANGEETA KUMARIAustraliavisionary
SANJAY KAMRAHAustraliavisionary-500
Sanjay SethiKuwaitvisionary-1200
Sanjeet VermaAustraliavisionary
Sanjeev KhatriAustraliavisionary-500
Sarah FareedAustraliavisionary-500
Satleen KaurAustraliavisionary-500
Sayra Arvind PATELUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Seema PatelAustraliavisionary
Shafik SheikhAustraliavisionary-500
Shahid KhanUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
SHAHLA KANWALUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Shahrear Imtiaj Ahmed ChowdhuryAustraliavisionary
Shahzad QureshiUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Shailaja SamudralaAustraliavisionary
SHAILENDRA SIRCARAustraliaicon-2500
Shajahan BegumAustraliavisionary
Sharanjit KaurAustraliavisionary
shattle fentengUnited States (US)visionary
shehryar aamerUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Shelby LockeUnited States (US)visionary
Shereen RodneyUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Sherry RENFROE LambertUnited States (US)visionary-500
Shivendra SinghAustraliavisionary
Shoaib QamarUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Silvia ProdigoItalyvip-2500
Silvio ScarcigliaItalyvisionary
Simran ChellaneAustraliavisionary
Simran Preet SinghAustraliavisionary-500
Siva Sireesha MeelaAustraliavisionary-500
Sk Md Abdul KayumAustraliavisionary-500
Sohel SalehAustraliavip-1200
Sonal SonalIndiavisionary-500
SOUMYA SAINIAustraliavisionary-500
SRAVANI KUCHIPUDIAustraliavisionary-500
Sreekiran CheboluAustraliavisionary
Sri Gayatri TadikamallaAustraliavisionary
Stanley SuhendraAustraliavisionary
Stefan KarlssonSwedenvisionary
Stefan MüllerSwitzerlandvisionary
Stefan RenzGermanyvisionary-500
Stephane Kouamen NtenkwaCameroonvip-1200
Suchindra Chikkannaiah KanakanapalyaAustraliavip-1200
Suchitra SuchindraAustraliavisionary-500
Sudarshan GurramAustraliavisionary-500
SUDEEP BHANDARICanadavisionary
Sudhakar ArunagiriAustraliavisionary
Sufian NadeemUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Sukhjinder SinghUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Sukhwinder SinghUnited Kingdom (UK)vip-1200
SUMEET KARARIAAustraliavisionary
sunny duttAustraliavip-1200
Suraj MuppavaramAustraliavisionary
Surbhi SharmaAustraliavisionary
Surendra KuchipudiAustraliavisionary
Sureshkumar ChauhanAustraliavisionary-500
Surjeet SinghUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Susanne SidesUnited States (US)visionary
Suvrat GuptaAustraliavisionary
Syed Abdullah HasanUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
SYED AHSAN RAZA BUKHARIUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Syed Asad AliUnited Arab Emiratesvisionary
Syed Farzand Ali ShahUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Syed Ghulam Haider ShahPakistanvisionary
Syed GilaniUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
syed jawad haiderUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Syed Muhammad Shakil ShahUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Tahir MirUnited Kingdom (UK)vip-2500
TAMOOR ALIUnited Arab Emiratesvisionary
Tanel LillesteEstoniavisionary
Tapinder SinghAustraliavisionary
tariq umer SiddiquiUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Taryn DavisUnited States (US)visionary-500
Tawhid PatwaryAustraliavisionary
Tharsha RajalingamCanadavisionary
Thirupathi Reddy BatchuAustraliavip-1200
Tommaso UrsoItalyvisionary
Tulika AgarwalAustraliavisionary
Umaben GadhviAustraliavisionary-500
Urvikkumar DesaiAustraliavip-1200
Uyen WynnUnited States (US)visionary


Daljit DhootAustraliavisionary-500
Daniel moussingaCameroonvisionary-500
Daniel PrigioniItalyvisionary-500
Daniil KharchenkoItalyvip-1200
Danny van EkrisNetherlandsvisionary
Davd WhooleyUnited States (US)visionary
David HolborowUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
David KingslyAustraliavisionary
Davide CozzaniItalyvisionary
Davide GiraldoItalyvisionary-500
Davide MangiliItalyvisionary-500
Deborah AndersonKuwaitvisionary
Decarlos SandersUnited States (US)icon-2500
Dejan TropSloveniavisionary
Denis ToplakSloveniavisionary
Denvil DouglasJamaicavisionary
Derrick DuvalUnited States (US)visionary
Dev PanwarAustraliavisionary
Dewan IslamAustraliavisionary-500
Djeumeni Franck JuniorCameroonvisionary
DKota BrodieUnited States (US)visionary
Donnie LewisUnited States (US)visionary-500
DR ARFAT CHUGHTAIUnited Kingdom (UK)icon-10k
DURGESH KUMARAustraliavisionary-500
Edward MosesAustraliavisionary
Ehsan Mohammad-valiUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Ejaz MuhammadUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Eleonora SartoriItalyvisionary
Elhaj Hamad LabiadItalyvip-2500
ELIZABETH ANGELESAustraliavisionary-500
Emil SundellSwedenvip-1200
Emmanuel RoyeFrancevisionary
Erasmo DerosaItalyvisionary
Eric PhillipsUnited States (US)visionary-500
Erica BreedenCanadavisionary-500
Faainu FatuleaiAustraliavisionary
Faheema Aktar EAKAAustraliavisionary
faisal ashfaqUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-1200
Faisal RafiqueUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Fallyn BaldwinUnited States (US)visionary-1200
FAMILY TRUSTUnited Arab Emiratesicon-10k
Fareeduddin MohammedAustraliavip-2500
Farzana GhaniSwitzerlandvisionary-1200
fatemeh mahmudiUnited Kingdom (UK)vip-1200
Federico De VecchisItalyvisionary
Founders Blueprint LLCUnited States (US)visionary
Francesco ZagariaItalyvisionary-500
FX TycoonsUnited States (US)vip-1200
Jackenson VerdulUnited States (US)visionary
Jacqueline GobleUnited States (US)visionary-500
Jacquelyn PinedaUnited States (US)visionary-1200
Jahangir KashifPakistanvisionary
Jaideep GorayaAustraliavisionary
Jairaj BajajAustraliavisionary
Jalaluddin AhmedAustraliavisionary
James HancoxUnited Kingdom (UK)vip-1200
Janar ArstEstoniavisionary
javed imranPakistanvisionary
Javeria IjazAustraliavisionary
Javid HussainAustraliavisionary
Jawad El GanaItalyvisionary-500
Jay Ian MorionesPhilippinesvisionary
Jayapal Reddy VanteruAustraliavisionary
JeanClaude LacourUnited States (US)visionary-500
Jeremy HenryUnited States (US)visionary-500
Jerome IrudayarajAustraliavisionary
Jesse GarnierCanadavisionary
Jesse WilsonUnited States (US)visionary
Jigarkumar PanchalAustraliavisionary
Jitender jitenderIndiavisionary
John BrennanUnited States (US)visionary-500
Jolly GeorgeKuwaitvisionary
Jonathon DavisAustraliavisionary
Jorge CANELLASAustraliavisionary-500
Joshua VosCanadavisionary-500
Kalpana AgrawalUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
kalsoom hussainUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Kamal KumarAustraliavisionary
KAMALDEEP KAURAustraliavisionary
Kamaldeep SinghAustraliavisionary
Kamran BhattiUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Kashif UllahUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Kavitha BatchuAustraliavip-1200
Keenan ButlerUnited States (US)visionary-500
Khalid AbrkhilUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
khandaker IslamAustraliavisionary-500
Khawaja Ali ZafarSwedenvisionary
Khawar AzizUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Khurram ShehzadUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Kiran BanochUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Kiril KostovUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Kristof VandekerckhoveBelgiumvisionary
KRUNAL PATELAustraliavip-1200
Lakhwinder SinghUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Lavanya SadineediAustraliavisionary
Lenin NeelamAustraliavisionary
Lil Wall StreetColombiavisionary-500
lily salgadoUnited States (US)visionary
Liontine NJEUMEN DJEUHACameroonvisionary
Loraine RoyesCanadavisionary
Lorraine HulettUnited States (US)vip-1200
Louis YOUNGUnited States (US)vip-1200
Luca Alioscia BenazziItalyvisionary
luca quadriItalyvisionary-500
Luca quadriItalyvip-1200
Luca RussoItalyvisionary
luca zucchelliItalyvisionary
Lucas FrostUnited States (US)visionary
Luke LawsonAustraliavisionary
lyba hussainUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary


Padma Kumari KadagalaAustraliavisionary
Palwinder SinghAustraliavisionary-500
PANDEEP WALIAQatarvisionary
Pankaj JunejaAustraliavisionary
Pankaj KumarAustraliaicon-10
Paola VincentelliItalyvisionary
Paolo VianiItalyvisionary
Paramdeep ChhabraAustraliavisionary
Paramjit BANSALUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
PARAMPREET SINGHAustraliavisionary
PARDEEP LADHROHIAAustraliavisionary
Pardeep SainiAustraliavisionary
Paresh PatelAustraliavisionary
parminder kaurUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
PARTH PATELAustraliavisionary
Parulbahen PatelAustraliavisionary-500
Pasheen TahirUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Patryk NowickiUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
PAUL BEACameroonvisionary
Pavan Kumar Reddy YarasaniAustraliavisionary-500
Pawan PuniaAustraliavisionary
Pawandeep Singh GulatiIndiavisionary
Pervaiz akhtar SattiUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Peter BoultonUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Peter DimantoAustraliavisionary
Poonam AggarwalAustraliavisionary
Prabhakar YadawadAustraliavisionary
prabhjeet kaurUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Prabhjot PandyaAustraliavisionary-500
Prabhu Bhaskar SELVADOSSAustraliavip-1200
prakashkumar patelAustraliavisionary
Praveen DharanikotaAustraliavisionary
PREETI SIRCARAustraliavisionary-1200
Priit KanepEstoniavisionary
Prithvi Pal singh NagpalAustraliavip-2500
Raajesh Varma ElavarthiAustraliavisionary
Rabeya SultanaAustraliavisionary-500
Rabindra PatroAustraliavisionary
RABYIA NOMANUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Rafi AhmedAustraliavisionary-500
Rafiqul Alam KhanAustraliavisionary-500
Rahul ChipraKuwaitvisionary
RAJAN WALIAAustraliavisionary-500
Rajeev KapoorAustraliavisionary
RAJEEV NAYAKAustraliavisionary-1200
Rajendra Nath Sanam VenkataAustraliavisionary-500
Rajesh KumarJamaicavisionary
Rajinder VermaCanadavisionary
Rajiv SharmaAustraliavisionary
Rajneesh SharmaAustraliavip-2500
Rakesh KumarAustraliavisionary
RAKESH KUMARAustraliavisionary-500
Rakesh PatelAustraliavisionary-500
RAMAN KAUSHALAustraliavisionary-500
RASHEDA SULTANAFrancevisionary
Rashedul IslamAustraliavisionary-500
Ravi MansharamaniAustraliavisionary
Ravinder KaurAustraliavisionary
Ravinder singhAustraliavisionary
Ravindra JoshiSingaporevisionary
Ray CartierUnited States (US)icon-2500
Reena KhatriAustraliavip-2500
Rekha GangasaniAustraliavisionary-500
Renukaben PatelAustraliavisionary
reshu joshiAustraliavisionary
Rich FrancisUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Riffat DawoodUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Rimmy DayalAustraliavisionary
Rishabh SircarAustraliavisionary-500
Rishi KaushikAustraliavip-1200
Robbie RobersonUnited States (US)visionary-500
roberto silvestriItalyvisionary-500
Rohit DuggalAustraliavisionary
Rohit KapilaAustraliavip-1200
ROHIT SHUKLAAustraliavisionary-500
Romeo MarkaySwedenvisionary
Ronna HarveyUnited States (US)visionary-500
Roshan ChoudharyAustraliavisionary
Roshan HayatPakistanvisionary
Rukhsar –Pakistanvisionary
Rupali PendyalaAustraliavisionary
RUPESH DUBEYAustraliavisionary-500
Rupinder SinghAustraliavisionary
RUSHAL SIRCARAustraliavisionary-500
Rushi PatelAustraliavisionary


Vaidehi MuppavaramAustraliavisionary
Valeriy SevryukovGermanyvip-2500
Vandana PanwarAustraliavisionary
varinder cheemaUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-1200
Vartika JhaAustraliavisionary-1200
VARUN KUMAR TIWARIAustraliavisionary-500
Vasanti PATELAustraliavisionary
Veda AlkanCanadavisionary
Venkat ThummaAustraliavisionary-500
Venkata GanugapatiAustraliavisionary
VENKATA KANTIPUDIAustraliavisionary-500
Venkata PindiproluAustraliavisionary
Venunath NannaAustraliavisionary-500
Veronica GualcoItalyvisionary
Vibha MathurUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
VIJAY AHLUWALIAAustraliavisionary
Vijay Parkash ThummaAustraliavisionary
Vikram GuliaAustraliavisionary-500
VIKRAM SINGHAustraliavisionary-500
VIMLENDU VIMLENDUAustraliavisionary-500
Vinod KumarAustraliavisionary
Vinod UshakeAustraliavisionary
Vipul GhoriAustraliavisionary
Vipul GoyalAustraliavisionary-500
vishwajit kamtheAustraliavisionary
Vladyslav VarizhukUnited States (US)visionary-500
Waqar AshrafUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Waqar GhouriPakistanvisionary-500
Waqas BhattiAustraliavip-1200
Waqas ChughtaiUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
William MASIHUnited Kingdom (UK)vip-1200
William TatroUnited States (US)visionary
Willie AndrewsUnited States (US)visionary
WolfUnited States (US)visionary
Yagana Narayana VankayalaAustraliavisionary
Ylva JanssonSwedenvisionary-500
yogeshkumar patelAustraliavisionary-500
YOGIKUMAR PATELAustraliavisionary
Yves TIBECameroonvisionary
Zahra BashirUnited Kingdom (UK)icon-2500
Zakir AyaziAustraliavisionary
Zeeshan AnwarUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
ZOHAIB ARIFUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
zulfiqar ahmedItalyvisionary


To understand how the Auvoria Prime Access Pass works, think of the Access Pass as your ticket to our software trading tools.


Your BRONZE Access Pass allows you to use ONE software tool for that week


With the SILVER Access Pass, you can use TWO software tools


With the GOLD Access Pass, you can add a THIRD trading software tool.


With our PLATINUM Access Pass, you can really diversify your trading strategy with FOUR trading software tools!

Keep in mind that with more than one tool, you can balance your risk while taking full advantage of an opportunity for gain. By the way, your access pass not only provides you access to all the trading software tools, but a unique opportunity to any of our trading tools EACH WEEK for FREE! So make sure you get started today!

Now it’s time to go shopping….


For international traders, Ainstein puts control in the user’s hands, supporting settings adjustment to manage strategy and risk with manual trades. The trade opportunity alerts do not require user approval.


Trading Program Alexander


This is Ainstein adapted for US traders, with control in the user’s hands, supporting settings adjustment to manage strategy and risk with manual trades. Initial trade opportunity alerts require user approval.


GearBox allows you to customize your trading experience and leverage unlimited trading options! Ideal for beginners and casual traders.


VeriBull provides you the ability to make the smartest moves continuously to expand your portfolio realistically…with patience and a reliable strategy! Ideal for Intermediate/Advanced traders.


NEO provides you the flexibility to create short-term growth while maintaining a consistent, long-term Forex strategy! For Beginners to Advanced traders (depending on investment levels).


AIRO is an indicator tool that allows you to save time in monitoring the market for buy/sell opportunities while you go about living your life. Ideal for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced traders.


Show off AUVORIA PRIME wherever you go!

Auvoria Prime, Year #1

Auvoria Prime has accomplished so much in less than a year, thanks to the joint efforts of our outstanding Corporate Team and our skilled Field Leaders. Through 2020, it became evident that Auvoria Prime was becoming a remarkable force in the Forex trading marketplace, opening a fertile opportunity for exponential growth through network marketing. The Auvoria Prime Corporate Team and their talented global staff are dedicated to massive growth of the company through creative, dedicated and attentive support of Field Leaders and their teams. Together, we will see Auvoria Prime become the world’s Number One player in the foreign currency marketplace.

Chief Technology Officer

Auvoria Prime merges Bill Wynne’s two career passions - Computers and Network Marketing -- into one, with a single goal: to help people around the world to use software to build and manage their wealth. Bill sees Auvoria Prime as a company making the right decisions to enhance the lives of thousands and even millions.

Chief Financial Officer

Josh Phair brought to new company his sincere dedication to building Auvoria Prime by doing things the RIGHT WAY. The company’s early success and continued growth have occurred in a large part because of the Leadership Team’s commitment to this essential core value.


Chris Simonian is a proven corporate strategist, team-builder and sales/marketing professional who has pioneered the use of social platforms and sales strategies to support exponential field growth for major international companies. He looks forward to working with the corporate team and Field Leaders to develop Auvoria Prime into the most profitable Wealth Management company in the international marketplace.


Experienced as both a distributor and a corporate sales executive, Matt Ward brings to Auvoria Prime a firm resolve to promote a “Field-focused” approach in corporate Sales decisions. He assures Field Leaders that this company’s VP-Global Sales will be making Sales decisions with their teams top-of-mind!


After building several 6-figure businesses, Susan Bachelder became a sought-after marketing consultant, working the last three years with EA software as a Forex trader, where she gained in-depth knowledge of the products now offered by Auvoria Prime and the best ways to promote them in the field.

Auvoria Prime is Global!


Carefully consider your trading goals, level of experience and risk appetite before entering the forex market. Do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Past results are not indicative of future results. All alerts are sent uniformly regardless of a user’s personal financial situation. Auvoria Prime does not exercise any authority over any trades. All trades are at the full discretion of the user.