A sophisticated software designed to trade some of the most volatile assets in the financial market.

Designed with risk management as a top priority, MMT will protect your account while it grows your account at the pace that you choose with the risk feature. Conservative or aggressive, MMT is designed to accommodate all trade personalities.

Living in a worldwide economy where the financial markets are in turmoil and reacting to news in drastic ways, MMT is there to react to the price movement for you to aid in growing your account at your pace. This software was trained utilizing true machine learning technology. It is a one of a kind software that has only gotten better with time.

Suggested starting amount: $500. Skill level: indicator (experienced) / EA (beginner).

Re-optimized every 90 days to ensure that its algorithm adjusts for new market trends

The algorithm was trained utilizing true machine learning

Trades in the direction of the trend established on multiple time frames

Trades both DAX or GER30 and US30 or DJ30

Easy to understand user interface

Helps traders build confidence in their trades

Comes with both a manual trading indicator and an automated expert advisor

Can be used with just naked charts or in conjunction with other trading products

Works in unison with the RLGL & AIRO

The international version is automated

meet The Developer, nathan williams

Nathan Williams, developer of AIRO, Market Maker Trend, and Red Light Green Light is a veteran trader and software developer. His charismatic training style makes learning and perfecting the training game an enjoyable and rewarding experience for traders on every level. He wants “normal folks” to learn how to make money in the financial marketplace – a skill traditionally reserved for those working for banks, the stock market and other financial institutions. Read more

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