At the 2021 Kickoff


Byron nelson,
Keynote Speaker

We are excited that our Auvoria Prime 2021 KickOff will include presentations by these extraordinary leaders in designing, building and protecting your wealth.

Founder of The Matrix Group, Byron Nelson is a world-renowned wealth coach, business advisor and highly sought-after inspirational speaker. Over the last two decades, this self-made multimillionaire and savant leader has dedicated his life to helping others create wealth. He has educated and mentored thousands of people around the world, helped create over 100 millionaires on his team alone and put 200 students through college out of his own pocket. And it looks like he is just getting started! Byron has built a massive global organization where his business has extended from the USA into Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Currently, he is building a new wave of leadership for those who are truly ready to change their financial future by teaching the importance of financial literacy, human equity and relationship currencies. His message “Finish what you start” is his legacy to the world.
Darik Alexander
Darik Alexander has a history of building solid and stable businesses. Learn about the five basic actions he never leaves out when he is building. At age 20, Darik joined an affiliate marketing company in the health and wellness industry. After a rocky start in the call center, Darik switched roles to sales and became one of the Top 30 income earners of a company of 500,000 by leading a team of over 10,000 distributors worldwide and generating over $20,000,000 in revenue. His accomplishments allowed him to travel and build business relationships all around the world, speaking and training audiences of up to 10,000 and influencing others to build profitable businesses. He has benefited from coaching and mentorship from legends such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Bob Proctor, Darren Hardy, Les Brown and Eric Thomas.
Donta Lewis
At 26, Donta Lewis is a walking inspiration. His difficult past has led Donta to a hard-won faith & a true understanding of gratitude. He grew up in a poverty-stricken Philadelphia neighborhood, later dropping out of college and joining the workforce, where he was promoted to general manager at only 21. When the company folded, it led to eviction, car repossession & a short stint in jail for the 23-year-old. Then Donta discovered Forex trading and network marketing, starting the iMPACT community where he became a 6-figure trader & networker in 2 years. With two other 6-figure earners now in iMPACT, Donta’s goal is to help 100 more to create million-dollar incomes.
Mike Sancho
With nearly a decade under his belt in network marketing, Mike Sancho is a seasoned pro well on his way to hitting the 7-figure level. Starting at just 19, he has led teams of thousands, following the principles of “leading by example” & “leaders eat last.” Mike owns companies that operate in real estate investing, eCommerce consulting & business management services (eComm automation), as well as funding, with one surpassing the 8-figure mark. Since network marketing is Mike’s passion, this aligns well with his love of helping other people win. 10’s of millions of dollars in revenue has been generated under his watch and he’s only just getting started!
Ryan and Jolene Doktorczyk
Ryan and Jolene Doktorczyk will explain how leading with one simple strategy has completely transformed their business. Since 1997, it was always their goal to create a “Home Based Life” where they could both be there to parent their kids full-time but without having to sacrifice their income potential. The Doktorczyks are 7-figure entrepreneurs, having achieved top ranks of comp plans in two previous Network Marketing companies. Since 2001 when their oldest was born, the couple’s vision has been a reality. Ryan and Jolene have done it, and SO CAN YOU!
Along with this impressive group of presenters, we are happy to include a distinguished PANEL of experts in a variety of aspects of our business. Cameron Kerkar, Carlos Sanders, Calvin Fraser and Nick Sorensen will be on site to provide answers and tips for you that can make a real difference for your business in 2021


Nate Williams, the designer of AIRO, will be joining us in the broadcast studio. We know you will want to hear from him!


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