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Get your ACCESS PASS here!

The AP Access Pass admits you to the AP Marketplace, your one source for products, education and mentorship for Forex trading and wealth management in general. You have four choices when you purchase an Access Pass:

  • The Bronze Pass gives you your choice of ONE Forex trading software product. Many new traders select AIRO for its simplicity in start-up and user operation. 
  • The Silver Pass gives you your choice of any TWO Forex trading software products, providing the benefit of some diversification in your trading opportunities. One program may see a trading opportunity missed by the other.
  • The Gold Pass adds a THIRD software tool for your Forex trading, increasing your opportunities for the benefits of diversification. 
  • With the Platinum Pass, you enjoy the greatest diversification with FOUR products working simultaneously to identify and alert you to attractive trading opportunities.

Once you have an Access Pass, you can “switch out” your software tools each week at no additional cost, so you get to try out the products in the Marketplace inventory, settling on a combination of products that suits your needs and lifestyle. And since all our products come with their own training by the product designers, education by Forex experts and mentorship, you are in good hands with whatever products you choose!

AVAILABLE NOW in the Auvoria Prime Marketplace

In addition to newly-launched AIRO, holders of the Auvoria Prime ACCESS PASS can choose these tried-and-true software products that work fabulously alone or in partnership with one or more other tools for diversification:


(combines Alexander & Ainstein Software)

GEARBOX (international users)
GEARBOX MAV (USA users only)
  • Ideal for Beginning and/or casual traders
  • INITIAL INVESTMENT: Small ($500+)
  • USER TIME: Minimal (2-4 hours/week)
  • STRATEGY: Customizable; manual approval (YES/NO) required for trades
  • TRADES: 10+/month, determined by investment portfolio balance. $1500+ enables 12 trades/week.
  • RISK: Low; alerts control drawdown
  • EXPECTED OUTCOME: steady growth


Available to USA and INTERNATIONAL traders

  • Software offers incremental LOT size increases (rather than exponential increases) 
  • USER TIME: Monday-Wednesday historically best for win rates. 
  • STRATEGY: Max Drawdown feature will not allow new trades to open if Max Drawdown has been reached. 
  • TRADES: 5-20/day on average
  • RISK: Equity protection feature closes trades if equity threshold is reached.

NOTE: Because we know that many traders have learned to use and depend on Alexander and Ainstein software tools in recent years, both of these tools are still available in the AP Marketplace.


Added to the AP Marketplace in the first quarter of 2021 will be STRADAMUS and NEO THE LEGEND, two cutting-edge software products that are currently in the final stages of exhaustive field testing by Auvoria Prime. As soon as these tests certify that these products meet our Marketplace’s high standards, we will add them to our inventory. STAY TUNED!