Have you noticed something new with the “LOOK” of Auvoria Prime?

It’s our new LOGO!

What makes a company logo stand out? It’s a perfect pairing of

that triggers an automatic ASSOCIATION whenever the logo appears.

When you see a “swoosh” or two golden arches or a red-and-white bullseye, no one has to tell you the companies they represent. The image itself says it all. This automatic association is what we expect of our new logo.

watch for it where you live!

The stylized A and P are also UP and DOWN arrows… apt descriptors for the Forex marketplace and wealth-building in general. Soon our new logo will be triggering automatic associations from people worldwide who will choose Auvoria Prime for their Forex trading and wealth-building.


One of our Core Values at Auvoria Prime is our dedication to aiding the underprivileged and victimized people around the world and helping to alleviate their suffering. Last month we highlighted the support we have been giving to Operation Underground Railroad, the organization whose mission is to put an end to human trafficking. Through a collaborative approach addressing the areas of prevention, rescue efforts and aftercare healing, O.U.R. works tirelessly to eliminate this scourge from the world.

As we continue to support O.U.R., our stewardship also embraces other worthy organizations. Some of these are orphanages in Mexico that provide safe places to live and go to school for dozens of children who would otherwise live alone on the street. In a recent visit to several of these orphanages, we met with the children and gave them toys and hygiene products. Auvoria Prime stewardship is truly global. For example, our African team recently held a charity event to provide aid to the needy in their areas. And in Croatia, the AP team distributed grocery gift cards to families who suffered loss during the recent earthquakes. We know that Auvoria Prime Field Leaders and their organizations around the world share our spirit of stewardship, as well. As we learn about other charitable ventures in the field, we hope to share features about them with you in future editions of Auvoria Prime Times.


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