For many people worldwide, 2020 was a year of too many negatives. We at Auvoria Prime can look back at some significant positives of the year: We launched our company in March, offering innovative Forex software products Alexander and Ainstein, to the currency trading marketplace. In the following months, our Customer and Affiliate base grew to reach traders in more than 75 countries, delivering a path to wealth for many thousands. Our launch of the indicator product AIRO in December set the stage for exponential growth in the new year, which we will start off in a big way with our January 30th 2021 KickOff, live-streamed around the globe from Nashville. New products, new Rewards and Recognition and even more massive growth are just ahead for all of us. Happy New Year!


We’re gathering some of the top Auvoria Prime Forex traders from around the USA for a full-day event beamed globally from a broadcast studio in Nashville on January 30th.  Worldwide restrictions because of CoVid have limited the event’s in-person numbers on this special occasion, but NOTHING can limit the SCOPE of our 2021 KickOff… Wherever you live around the globe, the Nashville KickOff can be LIVE-STREAMED to you!

Adavance Registration is required

For This Live Streamed Virtual Event

Auvoria Prime traders are invited to register NOW to attend this event VIRTUALLY for only USD 47. No matter where you live in the world, your computer or cellphone can put you in touch with an entire day that is packed with everything you need to get 2021 off to a flying start. You’ll be the first to learn the AP Executive Team’s exciting Plans for Growth in 2021. And Top Field Leaders in the USA will share insights that can expand your talents in Forex trading and business-building. The Nashville KickOff will also showcase our enhanced Affiliate Recognition Program and new Incentive/Motivation Education presented by expert Field Leaders throughout 2021.

To register for this live-streamed event, go to WHOVA website now to register. This one day could make all the difference for your growth in 2021. Don’t miss it!


We at Auvoria Prime knew that our newly introduced indicator trading tool was pretty amazing, but even we were not expecting the wild enthusiasm from the field that we have been hearing in recent weeks. Brand-new traders, intermediate users and Forex experts alike agree:


And who better to explain AIRO’s simplicity in a nutshell than its creator, Nathan Williams?


I’ve been trading the Forex Markets for over 12 years, with rocky experiences until I was introduced to Auvoria Prime. Their products have provided me the "freedom from charts" I’ve been searching for. One product I want to highlight is AIRO, which has CHANGED MY LIFE! All the technical analysis is done for me. All I do is wait for the alert to come to my phone, and then I take the trade. It’s that easy!
Carlos Sanders
If you haven’t added AIRO to your Forex trading toolbox, today is the day to do it! Follow the link to learn more about AIRO!

Developed by Forex trading expert Nathan Williams, AIRO is an INDICATOR program that continually monitors the marketplace for buy/sell opportunities, sending an ALERT to your phone or computer when an opportunity appears on the AIRO VISUAL LAYOUT that matches your pre-set parameters.

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