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November 17, 2020 - Newsletter


October’s launch of the groundbreaking AP Marketplace has positioned YOU way ahead in the global Forex industry!   Now you can blaze a new path for people to diversify their portfolios, trading with multiple software choices simultaneously.  What a game-changer!     

That’s probably enough excitement for one month, but there is lots more…

  • Formation of the AUVORIA PRIME ADVISORY BOARD, made up of Forex industry leaders from around the globe who meet weekly to review updates, share ideas and formulate forward-thinking strategies, which they pass along to our Executive Team for implementation, a system that avoids the deadly disconnect between the field and corporate that can lead to poor decision-making and massive attrition in other companies. A field-corporate disconnect like this will not happen at Auvoria Prime!
  • NEW PRESENTATIONS!  You can share the Auvoria Prime opportunity easily and professionally with DISCOVER AUVORIA PRIME and the all-new REWARDS PLAN presentation.  As we fine-tune the Auvoria Prime BRAND, you will see regular enhancements to these presentations and to our website, social media outreach, videos and – coming soon – AP WEARABLES.  
  • AP LIVE! helps you fast-track your Forex trading expertise in record time.  Expert educators, corporate-certified coaches and software developers are at your fingertips!  Live Chat during the LIVESTREAMS give you real-time feedback. 
  • FOREX BASICS: This introductory course by AP Director of Forex Education Adaeze Duncan gives trading beginners the ABCs they need to start trading smart and achieve Forex Basics Certification.  (You can Quiz Out if you are an experienced trader, also achieving Forex Basics Certification.)   
  • EA ACADEMY + YOU = FOREX TRADING MASTERY!  Software developers of Forex trading technologies share in-depth training on your settings, strategies and adjustments for market volatility and risk management in the EA Academy.  Gain the trading expertise to reach your goals. 
  • The Certified Presenter’s process has been deleted.  In its place is a pop-up agreement for your use of AP materials, along with a link to marketing publications at 
  • Presenting… a state-of-the-art Education/Learning Management System for Customers, including a step-by-step Onboarding procedure for access and setup of their software tools.  This invaluable System developed with expertise from Susan Bachelder and Kanoa Nartatez also introduces new Customers to the AP Executive Team.

Updates from Sales Department

What a historic last month we’ve had! We have officially entered into Phase 2 with Auvoria Prime. This means our Marketplace is LIVE and you can now add more than one trading strategy to your account simultaneously. We first launched VeriBull software, then released GearBox soon afterward. We also made MAV (Manual Approval Version) available for each EA.  

This is just the start of building out the AP Marketplace. Stay tuned for the launch of Stradamus and Neo the Legend. As we all know, at Auvoria Prime, it’s all about diversification. The AP Marketplace will be the place to go for building your very own diversified trading portfolio. Take control of your own financial future.  (No one else is going to do it for you!)

Sal Leto, Chief Network Officer
Bill Wynne, Chief Technology Officer

Tech News

The TECH side of Auvoria Prime ROCKED in October, too! The rollout of the AP Marketplace and the development of the EA Library smoothed the path for YOU to bring new EAs and indicators into our Forex marketplace with best-practices security & Internet connectivity.
All this and Executive Team promotions and other enhancements came from months of work on our end, but that’s not all…

  • Customers can now switch their EA weekly, and all of YOU can use gift cards and make use of an EA Library on GitHub, making it much easier to bring new EAs and indicators into our Forex marketplace securely.
  •  The new Rewards Plan is based on Pass Points, making it easier for affiliates to rank up.
  • A leap ahead in professionalism came with the rollout of sales funnels in and the new AP Academy.
  •  We are implementing new merchants and upgrading our servers for more power and speed, as we enhance security measures, internal systems and processes for overall tech improvement.
  •  COMING: Updates on the Genealogy List, 14-Day Access Pass and more. STAY TUNED!
Joshua Phair, Chief Financial Officer

Updates From the Finance Department

As you may know, when a company seeks to make changes to a compensation engine, things need to be verified, then double-verified.  We want to thank you for your patience as we went through two or three rounds of internal numbers audits.

Since our first audit found several issues with orders to resolve, we could not do an audit of volume and stats until we had resolved the issues with orders.  Time passed as we finalized those audits and then moved directly into audits for the points created by those orders with regard to the live stats.  

In an attempt to ensure that everything is being counted correctly, we did a very thorough audit of the pass points and how they are calculated to make sure the procedure is 100% accurate. Doing this protects the long-term viability of the opportunity we are all a part of and ensures that you know exactly where you are in your business. 

We could not have made it through this arduous task without the patience and understanding of each of you. It’s a fact of life that with big changes come hiccups and bumps, but a beneficial end-result – like the one we all now enjoy — makes the many 16-hour workdays worthwhile. 

Our thanks to the Advisory Board and Affiliate Leaders who have helped us to keep our Affiliates informed during the successful auditing process.  Stay tuned for some more good news coming soon!


Joshua Phair

Chief Financial Officer

Look at the New AP Marketplace Video

Watch this short video clip revealing the launch of 4 new software products & our marketplace

CHOOSE: Company Telegram Channels You Want!

At Auvoria Prime, we offer you links to a variety of Telegram channels.  But not everybody wants to be linked to ALL the Auvoria Prime Telegram channels.  So here’s the list of channels we currently offer.  CLICK on the links you want!

Announcements to all Customers and Affiliates, re: company events, new products, promotions and other relevant information. 

Affiliate-specific announcements re: the Rewards Plan, Affiliate pages in the Back Office, special promotions, training, etc. 

This is important for anyone using VeriBull.  Dasan provides custom notifications re: market conditions and VeriBull, currency pairs that may experience volatility, along with software updates and tutorials/instructions. Reminders re: weekly VeriBull calls and available recordings. 

This channel is for GearBox users. Here Tyler will provide custom notifications pertinent to market conditions and GearBox, currency pairs that may experience volatility, as well as software updates and tutorials/instructions. Reminders re: weekly GearBox calls and available recordings. 

If you are using Stradamus, this channel is for you. Kilian will provide custom notifications, re: market conditions and Stradamus, currency pairs that may experience volatility, as well as software updates and tutorials/instructions. Reminders re: weekly Stradamus calls and available recordings. 

This channel is for Neo the Legend users. Nikk and Fernando will provide custom notifications, re: market conditions and Neo the Legend, currency pairs that may experience volatility, and software updates and tutorials/instructions. Reminders re: weekly Neo the Legend calls and available recordings.

Susan Bachelder shares her successful strategies here.  Learn to use the AIRIS alerts, making trades by using charts and drawing wedges. Reminders re: weekly AIRIS Fusion calls and available recordings. 

Sema Sogunmez shares her successful strategies here. Learn to use the AIRIS alerts, making trades by using charts and drawing wedges. Reminders re: weekly AIRIS Flash calls and available recordings. 

Brian, Al and Matt share their successful strategies here.  Learn to use the AIRIS alerts to make trades by using charts and drawing wedges.  Reminders re: weekly AIRIS Hawkeye calls and available recordings.

Managed by Steve Vettorel, the Chief Market Analyst of Auvoria Prime, this channel contains current and relevant messages about the Market to facilitate your educated decisions re: your strategy for the week. Reminders re: weekly Forecast and Midweek Strategy calls by Steve.

NOTEForex Basics is available in Dutch.

Company Updates

One of the absolute best ways to keep up with the latest news from Auvoria Prime is to watch the company update webinar. You can tune in LIVE or watch recordings. This is one of the most important calls that the company does. 

Weekly update calls will continue to feature new testimonials from beta testers so don’t miss out!

Update from Compliance

At Auvoria Prime, we offer you links to a variety of Telegram channels.  But not everybody wants to be linked to ALL the Auvoria Prime Telegram channels.  So here’s the list of channels we currently offer.  CLICK on the links you want!

What an amazing time we experience within Auvoria Prime now that we’ve entered Phase 2!  As new EA tools become available, we are seeing so many new customers enrolling to start their Forex experience.

The new ONBOARDING SYSTEM helps new Customers to get started with a basic understanding of Forex — just enough for them to get their VPS and trading platform set up with their chosen tools on a demo account.  The OS also demonstrates the importance of Compliance for all of us — Customers, Affiliates and the company.

While Compliance is very important as you share the Auvoria Prime opportunity with others, keep in mind that being “compliant” does not mean that you cannot help your new Customer to understand the company and Forex trading.  For English-speaking new Customers, the Onboarding System is the place for them to go.  But for new Customers who are not native English-speakers, it may fall on you to bridge the language gap (until subtitles in their native language become available on the Onboarding System).  

The rule of thumb is “Do the Right Thing.”  You can have calls with your Customers in your own language to summarize what was said in one of the developer’s calls. Just stick to the facts, answering questions honestly.  

For example, when you share settings or charts a developer has shared as his strategy for the new week, make sure you tell your Customers that these are the settings and charts the developer will use for this week.

Make sure tour Customers are plugged in to the appropriate Telegram channels. Even though the language on a channel might be hard for them to understand, they may be able to identify currency pairs and settings.   

And of course, please make sure they have an understanding of the rules regarding Compliance when it comes to sharing our services, products or opportunity. 

The bottom line:  Follow the guidelines described above and you will be compliant. No worries!

For answers to Compliance questions, please email [email protected].

Throughout the week, several live webinars are broadcasted so that people can get information regarding the Forex Market. Steve Vettorel, FINRA Series 65 & 66 Licensed, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Auvoria Prime’s Chief Market Analyst, kicks the week off and then offers a midweek update to share thoughts on exiting the market. 

The AIRIS coaches, in 3 languages, offer live trading during the week, and the Hawkeye Strategy is live-streamed every morning. 

Watch the recordings and discover which live or recorded sessions you should be tuning into to make your Forex Trading more successful. You will find registration links in your Auvoria Prime account.