AI Powered Trading Program

Alexander is an advanced forex EA (expert advisor) that sends users manual trade alerts. Control is in the hands of the user. Adjust Alexander’s settings to receive real-time trade alerts based on your specifications; desired levels of risk and strategy management.
Trading Program Alexander

AI Powered Manual Trade Alerts

Alexander sends the trade opportunity alerts to our users for user approval of each trade, this product has been created within the legal parameters of compliance with the CFTC for availability in the United States.

  • Start with as low as $500

  • Save time with Alexander’s manual trade alerts

  • Can run from market open to market close

  • Save time from having to scan charts

  • Requires User's Approval

  • 100% legal compliance


Oneil hosts live calls each week on AP Live. He will share in depth training on the settings, software management strategies, adjustments for market volatility, and risk management. These interactive video screen share calls will have opportunity for Q & A as well.
This will help better prepare for your upcoming week of trading!