neo the legend

AI Powered Trading Program

Neo is an advanced EA (expert advisor) that offers a fully featured strategy, contained into an extremely easy to use software. Anyone can use it, from very beginners to advanced. The simplicity of Neo The Legend is unsurpassed.

AI Powered Manual Trade Alerts

Neo The Legend sends the manual trades alerts in a 2 hours fixed window of time, making it easy for you to schedule.

  • Specializes in long term profits and not short term candles!

  • Has 2 trading modes and a wide range of risk options to set your portfolio according to almost any risk level.

  • SAVES TIME: You will trade in a specific TWO-HOUR WINDOW each day.

  • It constantly adapts to the market conditions, changing the management strategy depending on a wide variety of factors.

  • OFFERS CHOICE: Your optimal trading can be on LEVERAGE as low as 1:30!

  • ACCEPTS LOW STARTING BALANCE: You can get started with only USD 500.

About The Developer

Fernando, developer of NEO, hosts live calls each week on AP Live. He will share in depth training on the settings, software management strategies, adjustments for market volatility, and risk management. These interactive video screen share calls will have opportunity for Q & A as well.
This will help better prepare for your upcoming week of trading!