Trend Following Trading Software

Stradamus focuses on capitalizing with the trend and does not stack against the trend. It’s genius lies in it’s simplicity!!
It  is a two engine software tool with quick entries & exits following the directions of the market creating continuous small profits with minimal drawdown. It avoids placing buys on high points in the market, and sells on low points in the market and uses a candle grid system which protects against big unexpected market moves.

AI Powered Manual Trade Alerts

If you want a reliable software tool that can create continuous profits that is easily managed, Stradamus is the ideal solution for you. Stradamus can create passive income with little drawdown, for a very low-stress trading experience. If you’re looking to maintain consistent results and preserve and protect gains with risk management then Stradamus is here to calm your trading waters and boost your ship to profit.

  • User Friendly for traders of all experience levels

  • Start with investment as low as USD500 with cent accounts

  • Can be used in conjunction with your trend following manual trading

  • Optimized for exotic pair EUR/SGD, another way to diversify your trading

About The Developer

Kilian, a much sought after trader and developer whose clients include hedge fund sized accounts, developed Stradamus to rescue himself and others from the emotional and psychological aspects of trading that would often interfere with results.