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2021 Registration Form

2021 January Kickoff Event Registration Please fill the form below in order to be able to download the WHOVA app. We will notify you when to activate the app.

Submit a Testimony

Submit a Testimony We value testimonies and feedback that you can provide to Auvoria Prime. It may or may not be used and at anytime you can ask to have it removed. We may use the content you provide on the company webpages, ads, promotions or other media elements. If you need assistance please contact … Continued

Request a Bank Wire Received

Submission Successful We have received your request for a bank wire to be sent to you.  Someone will contact you if we experience any issues.  Bank wires can be received the same day and up to 3 days depending on the countries and banks involved. 

Request a Bank Wire

Request a Bank Wire from Auvoria Prime At this point this is an “invitation only” service. This is not a service that could really scale if there were a lot of these wires to send.  Here are the requirements for this request to be approved.  The wire amount has to be a minimum of $5000.  … Continued

Gift Card FAQs

Gift Cards Gift cards are easy to use and apply immediate credit to an account. As long as you have funds in an Auvoria Prime wallet you will be able to buy a gift card and send it to the recipient so they can process an order.  Use gift cards to help people pay for … Continued


Promotions If you would like to offer NEW customers a discount on purchasing products or services you can use the following discount codes.    NODSB40 ($40 discount when purchasing a product or service for the first time) When you offer this discount code to your new customer they will receive a $40 discount. The code is … Continued

Rank Recognition Form

Rank Recognition Name Removal We understand that there are reasons that people have that lead them to not want to have their rank made public. To have your name removed from the rank recognition simply fill out the form below and your name should be removed within one business day.