Gift Cards

Gift cards are easy to use and apply immediate credit to an account. As long as you have funds in an Auvoria Prime wallet you will be able to buy a gift card and send it to the recipient so they can process an order. 

Use gift cards to help people pay for orders or use the gift card as a prize to win in a contest. 

The videos below will help you learn both how to buy and how to redeem a gift card and then there is a list of FAQs that you can read to learn some of the finer points about the gift cards. 

How to Buy a Gift Card

How to Redeem a Gift Card

Gift Card FAQs

Note: Gift cards can only be purchased using commissions that are in an Auvoria Prime wallet. Credit/debit cards, Safety Pay, and other payment options are not accepted. 

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Go to the shop or click
  3. Choose the gift card amount that you need, remembering that there could be a promotion and the gift card amount would be less than normal.
  4. Choose the email address of the recipient and it must be the email that is or will be in the Auvoria Prime account. If this is a gift card for a first time purchase the email that you enter here needs to be the same as the gift card
  5. Complete the purchase. 
  6. The recipient will receive an email with the gift card code and can also find the gift card code in their Auvoria Prime account under Account Information on the left-hand menu. 

The 10% discount is applied automatically as you check out and you will see the discount.

No, the only source of funds that can be used to buy gift cards are commissions that are in the Auvoria Prime wallet in your account. If you do not have funds in your wallet you can complete a wallet-to-wallet transfer after completing the tax and KYC information.

When the gift card was purchased it was sent to the email address that is on your Auvoria Prime account. If you did not receive the email with the gift card please confirm that the person who created the gift card used the correct email. You can also find your gift card code in your Auvoria Prime back office under the Account Information on the left-hand menu.

When a gift card for $100 is created there is a 10% discount making the cost $90. When the gift card is used to pay for an order it will be worth $100, the amount originally intended.

Commissions that are earned through sales are paid into the Auvoria Prime wallets every week on Friday morning (EST). If a person is not earning commissions they can ask another member to transfer funds to their wallet using the wallet to wallet transfer method. You will need to have submitted the tax documents and complete the KYC process.  

No, the gift card can only be used in the account with the email address that the gift card was assigned to.

Yes and no, the promotions vary in their allowances and there are some technological limitations. You will have to try to use the Gift Card and decide on the best solution for you.

The gift card will be applied automatically to your order as you check out. You will see the Gift Card as you check out. If for some reason you do not see the Gift Card and it does not apply automatically you can find the Gift Card code in your Auvoria Prime back office under the Account Information on the left-hand menu. You can write down the code and enter into the coupon field as you are checking out.

The person selling the gift card will have to decide how to have the buyer pay for the gift card. There are many ways for people to transfer money. This is outside of the purview of Auvoria Prime and the company does not accept any liability for the decisions of members.

Yes, a ticket must be submitted at the Auvoria Prime Help Desk asking that the remaining balance on the gift card be put into an Auvoria Prime wallet. There is a 10% fee for this action to be completed. For example, if a $100 gift card is asked to be converted to funds in a wallet, the total amount deposited into the wallet would be $90, $100 minus the 10% fee.

No, a gift card can only be used by the initial recipient. To recover the funds apart from using the gift card to pay for an order is to have the gift card canceled and the funds are deposited into an Auvoria Prime wallet.

The first advantage is the 10% discount when you purchase a gift card. So, for example, when you purchase a gift card for $100 and sell it for $100 then you are profiting $10. Of course, you don’t have to sell it for the full value, the decision is yours. 


A second benefit is that it can be used by virtually anyone and is not dependent on payment processors. There will not be any declines. 


Lastly, you can use a gift card in a promotion. Many people will offer a gift card of whatever value you decide to the winner(s) of a promotion. This can be both fun, exciting, and help build your business.    

We do not offer tax advice since there are so many variations from country to country and in each case. Many people will use a gift card in promotions and in this case, it is a business expense and would be a tax deduction. If you are getting paid for the gift card then there really is no gain or loss. You paid for the gift card and you got paid for the gift card.

Yes, let’s say your gift card only has $100 left on it and you want to use it for a $189 payment. The gift card will be automatically applied to the order total and then you can use another source of funding to pay the difference.

Gift cards offer the benefits of being offered as a prize for winning a competition and can be used creatively in a number of other ways. Auvoria Prime is most interested in making paying for orders as easy as possible, not all countries and people have the same financial privileges, and using a gift card that does not have to be approved by financial institutions just makes things that much easier.

This is your choice and the decision could be different for each person you work with.

Yes, a gift card is as good as cash and can be used to pay for any order in the system. The only limitations will be using the gift card with certain promotions and/or other coupons.

Yes, one affiliate would have to do a wallet-to-wallet transfer to the second affiliate and then create a gift card from the second affiliate’s wallet.

The only reason to do this is to benefit from the 10% discount. It is not necessary because Auvoria Prime applies a 10% discount when you use your commissions from your wallet to pay for your orders.