Request a Bank Wire from Auvoria Prime

At this point this is an “invitation only” service. This is not a service that could really scale if there were a lot of these wires to send. 

Here are the requirements for this request to be approved. 

  1. The wire amount has to be a minimum of $5000. 
  2. The form below has to be completely filled out.
  3. In your Auvoria Prime account you will need to have completed the KYC, Tax Form W-9 or W8BEN, and United States citizens also need to complete the tax settings. 
The fee for this service is 1.5% and a $40 wire fee. So the fee for transferring $5000 is $75 + $40 for a $115 total.

These wires are sent on Friday only so please make your request ASAP on Friday to get the commissions from that Friday. 
Your Information
Bank Information