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Auvoria Prime Rewards Plan

“Auvoria PrimeTM Rewards Plan” is the official Name of the Compensation Plan of Auvoria PrimeTM. The company created the Rewards Plan to recognize and reward both Customers and Affiliates whose actions create growth, momentum, and stability for the Company. These valuable spreading of the company’s products and services help to develop the long term viability of the opportunities found both in our products and our Rewards Plan. Auvoria PrimeTM believes in rewarding people who contribute to the development and growth of the company. Especially when those contributions touch the lives of people and help them create the Legacy that is possible in their lives.

Rewards & Bonuses

 Quick Overview of Our Rewards Program

Three for free

Three for Free

The “3 for FREE” program is available for those who are only Customers, not affiliates. Refer 3 Customers for a free subscription.

Direct Sales Bonus

The Direct Sales Bonus is paid on the first order of a Direct Sales Bonus Qualified product to the referring Affiliate.

Momentum Builder Bonus

This is a bonus created to reward Affiliates who have personally referred a minimum of 3 people who have purchased at least 420 PV.

Legacy Commissions

Legacy Commissions are the stabilizers of the Rewards Plan, created to recognize people who grow stable organizations.