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September 02, 2020 - Newsletter

We have entered September 2020 and if there was ever a time to work from home it is now. Whether you see yourself building a sales team with Auvoria Prime or learning how to trade the Forex Markets with live forex signals from AIRIS or using forex trading software, Auvoria Prime has it all. Not to mention the incredible training from A-Z on the basics of Forex that will give you the essential building blocks to trade with confidence. Ok, let’s get some updates. 

Log into your Auvoria Prime account and go to the Resources section on your left-hand menu and then to the Forex Basics. You will find 9 languages to choose from. Start building your confidence today. The videos are short and powerful.

Look at the New EA Marketplace Video

Announcing the AP Advisory Board

We are proud and humbled to announce our Advisory Board members. This is a hand picked, power packed group of leaders that will help influence the direction of Auvoria Prime and although they have been heavily influencing the company since the first day we held our first official meeting on September 1. From this call we know why they are on the Advisory Board. 

A sincere thank you to each and every one of you for your invaluable contributions!

Advisory Board Members (in no particular order)
  • Susan Bachelder
  • Ed Zimbardi
  • Bren Blaze
  • Darik Alexander
  • Kanoa Nartatez
  • Cameron Kerkar
  • Donta Lewis
  • Nick Sorenson
  • Oneil Ramdeen
  • David Maes
  • Calvin Fraser
  • Ryan Doktorcyzk
  • Davor Mesar
  • Mike Sancho
  • Ryan Bickel
  • Dr. Arfat Chughtai
  • Paul Scott
Advisory Board Guests (in no particular order)
  • Steve Vettorel
  • Amy Dangerfield
  • DeCarlos Sanders
  • Tyler Mackechnie
  • Chriz Nickel
  • Jolene Doktorcyzk
  • Patrik Hormann
  • Omar Lopez
  • Mariska Van De Langenberg
  • Kareem Maradona
  • Adaeze and Rashard Duncan

A New Meeting with Cameron Kerkar

This is a webinar that is twice a week and is called Weekly Software Calibration. Attend this meeting live or watch the recordings to stay on track with your trading for the week. 

cameron kerkar
Cameron Kerkar

Forex Basics is Now in Italian! Arabic, Chinese, and Russian are already being translated!

If you have not watched these short and powerful videos on the building blocks of Forex trading you are missing out. Whether you are a seasoned trader or new to forex trading and forex signals this course will fortify you with the fundamentals essential for forex success.

Start building your confidence today. The videos are short and very informative.

Here is a list of Languages:
  • Arabic (coming soon)
  • English
  • English subtitles
  • Chinese, Simplified & Traditional (coming soon)
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Romanian
  • Russian (coming soon)
  • Spanish

Company Updates

One of the absolute best ways to keep up with the latest news from Auvoria Prime is to watch the company update webinar. You can tune in LIVE or watch recordings. This is one of the most important calls that the company does. 

Weekly update calls will continue to feature new testimonials from beta testers so don’t miss out!

Updates From the EA Task Force

In EA Updates! Wow! Do we have some exciting updates for you!

To start, all EA developers have begun submitting their Onboarding / Setup and Overview Videos to Corporate for the new onboarding system that will take new customers, step-by-step, to getting started! 

This is huge as our Brand New Smart Onboarding system can start having all the new content loaded in! This means we are very prepared for the 4 New EA’s to launch!

Many of the developers have also begun filming their Deeper Dive Settings videos for the EA Academy as well to provide more education to those super hands-on users who want to customize their experience and risk!

We also have a few new EA’s, in addition to the coming four, that are already in the vetting process. We also just approved a 5th EA to get into Financial Agreement talks with us….this forex software has been one our EA Task Force has been testing for 3+ months now. This EA has incredible risk management features and does not use Cost Averaging! 

Now to get prepared for 4 New forex software products to launch. We have put a lot of focus around dialing in the perfect optimized Settings + Setup videos for release. We want to have a smooth release with all these new forex programs with No Surprises!


The first product in the lead currently on getting integrated into our backend API is Veribull. 

Dasan, the Developer of Veribull is very excited to get his product out, he has also offered to help the other development teams speed up their integration once he is done with Veribull.

Neo the Legend

Neo the Legend has been making some final touches to their EA and Intraday mode they added that helps get more consistent weekly returns, rather than focusing on just monthly returns.

They are even working on adding a FIFO compliant mode for those US Customers who want to use it on a regulated US Broker. For our first release it may not have this FIFO compliant option fully done, but it is in the works. 


Stradamus is just getting into the API Integration mode themselves, their team originally had two EA’s they used on one account. One that was a buy engine and a second that was a selling engine. For retail release and ease of setup with AP, they just combined both EA’s into one and are ready for integrations now.


Gearbox has undergone the last final debugging to make sure it is perfect for retail release, the development team is working hard to make sure everything is completed due to the nature of Gearbox having so many customizable options! The API is beginning to be integrated into Gearbox as well this week.

We are very very close to a massive launch with 4 incredible new EA’s! A 5th forex trading program on the way, and more in testing.

Also not to mention the amazing new Manual Trading Products / Indicators in testing right now…some of the results we have been seeing on small balances.

We are just getting started here in the EA Task Force and we will continue to focus on bringing the most innovative and successful technology to the market as we build our Forex Market Place here at Auvoria Prime so we have the best forex trading platform!

New Genealogy List

There is a new version of the Genealogy List for affiliates to help them organize and manage their customers and sales teams. This update offers a lot more features than previously, and we are continuing to develop the List using the recommendations of team leaders and consultants. Auvoria Prime is improving in many departments during Phase 2. 

Update from Compliance

Very often compliance is perceived as a pain in the neck and we understand the feelings. It can be very frustrating when you see marketers in other companies touting their earnings all over social media, but in Auvoria Prime, we are not allowed to. 

It would be so easy to just share your trading results or your commission earnings, right?

But ask yourself, what type of customers would you attract? Would they be customers who understand that trading is a long term project to reach financial goals and requires a learning curve, or would they be customers who would expect big money to flow in their very first month? 

It is all about expectations. Your achievements are yours only after doing what it takes. You worked for it, or you took the time to understand the forex software, settings, and the forex market in general.

Do you ever see true top earners in legitimate companies, flash their earnings? No, they just don’t.

It is a common teaching that, if you want to be successful, just do what successful people do. Also, do not do what they don’t do, as that is not part of their success formula. 

We know, for a fact, that companies who take a strong stand on doing things the right way have the odds in their favor when it comes to longevity. These companies are far less likely to get into trouble with regulators, not to mention that flashing income or lifestyle could be considered deceptive.

What we want for all of our customers and affiliates is longevity. We also love to recognize individual and team accomplishments and do that on our social media profiles. We take pride in seeing your lives elevated! It motivates us to do things even better!

Once you see how powerful it is to market compliantly, it will become a natural behavior to not like, share, or comment on any social media posts that are not compliant. Instead, you would drop a message or a quick call to your team member, pointing out why you couldn’t engage on it, but would love to as soon as it is edited and then will be compliant. 

This is the culture we’d like to see grow and evolve.

Compliance is a joint venture of yourself and the company, it is keeping us all, and all of our futures, safe!

Our TradeMark is Approved and Published

The Auvoria Prime Trademark has been Approved and Published now.

Throughout the week, several live webinars are broadcasted so that people can get information regarding the Forex Market. Steve Vettorel, FINRA Series 65 & 66 Licensed, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Auvoria Prime’s Chief Market Analyst, kicks the week off and then offers a midweek update to share thoughts on exiting the market. 

The AIRIS coaches, in 3 languages, offer live trading during the week, and the Hawkeye Strategy is live-streamed every morning. 

Watch the recordings and discover which live or recorded sessions you should be tuning into to make your Forex Trading more successful. You will find registration links in your Auvoria Prime account.