Testimonials Archive - Auvoria Prime

Chris Hagerman

I’ve been trading less than 10 months and I’ve already done what 99% of people dream of doing. But it’s honestly because of Auvoria Prime. With their educational calls and training videos I was able to understand the markets quicker and start making actual profits. (And withdrawing profits)

Cody Andersen

Airo has helped me become a consistently profitable trader, and it’s so simple to learn how to use! I now have a multiple 5 figure account because of my willingness to join . My advice to you is to use the product. You are here for a reason, whatever you’re currently doing isn’t working! Take … Continued

Launch Pro

Auvoria Prime’s AIRO is the best thing to ever happen to myself and my team! I’ve been trading for 7 years now and It feels GOOD to lean into a software with such high accuracy on Trade Entries!

Mark Daryll R. Dy

I really love this EA since it only trades 2 hours a day and will hold the trades for a few hours! Unlike most of the EAs outside Auvoria Prime that will hold big drawdowns for days, weeks, months and will even risk 100% of your balance. Neo won’t risk 100% of your balance. It … Continued

Vladlen Vronsky

What Auvoria Prime has launched is next level! With the result shown here, I am able to pay off interest expenses as well as platform expenses to come out profitable long-term. I’m glad to be able to say that Auvoria Prime has one of the best Software Developers and most knowledgeable Developers who constantly put … Continued

Ryan Bickel

I feel so lucky to have found Auvoria Prime. It has helped me become consistently profitable and successful in the markets, which is something that most aspiring traders that enter the markets never become. With education, tools, technology, live trade rooms etc, AP is a one stop shop, all-in-one platform/marketplace where newbies and experts can … Continued

Jason Dye

This software has given me my best month in the last 4 months. I could have chosen one of AP’s other amazing products but I felt it necessary to stay patient. I decided to change the settings a bit and have seemed to find some flow and consistency.

Jake Skinner

Using Gearbox with mainly a Sniper strategy. I love how hands off it is, I just spend 10min on the weekend to reboot and re-apply my strategy.

Ollie Gray

I love being able to build my wealth with all the different AP Software tools and enjoy watching my balances grow in an automated way! 💰💰💰

Jenny Hansen

Best decision ever! I manually traded for so long and got wrecked many times. Now I am running to businesses and can’t afford to sit in front of my computer anymore. I started with 5k and now after a year made great profits without needing to be stressed!