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A lot has been going on at Auvoria Prime during the last three months.  Here’s a recap…

How can Auvoria Prime make joining the AP community super-easy?  


People everywhere are saying, “Auvoria Prime, please help me take the mystery out of the complex world of personal and business credit! I want Steve Didier’s help to maximize my credit profile and release capital to manage my personal business wealth growth.”



Do YOU know Business-Builders looking for the most lucrative REWARDS PLAN?


Check out Auvoria Prime’s phenomenal BINARY PLAN, launched to make 2022 every Business Builder’s BEST YEAR EVER!

What’s been new and exciting with AP LIVE this winter?

Whether you’re brand-new to trading or a seasoned professional, AP LIVE’s weekly schedule of online interactive programming can boost your success potential.

What has Nathan Williams been up to this winter?  Nathan’s AIRO 5.0 has been exploding in the Marketplace!

The Market Maker EA Logo

And now Nathan introduces Market Makers Trend and Red Light Green Light, you get the versatility of manual trading indicators and COMING SOON automated Expert Advisors!

Now Auvoria Prime offers you the personal assistance of a Customer Service Specialist who will guide you through the process to set up your new AP Customer or AP Affiliate position.

Choose the level of assistance you prefer:

With your AP Customer Service Specialist, you receive guided basic setup to get you started.
$ 39
  • AP Platform Tour
  • Broker setup and funding guidance
  • VPS access, broker login and RDP on computer
  • MT4 phone setup and login
  • AP GO app setup
With your AP Customer Service Specialist, you receive guided all-inclusive onboarding guidance.
$ 59
  • AP Platform Tour
  • AP Academy Tour
  • AP Support Tour
  • Broker setup and funding guidance
  • VPS access, broker login and RDP on computer
  • Software setup guidance
  • MT4 phone setup and login
  • AP GO app setup
  • Connect to Communication channels
  • AP LIVE Tour

Here’s what some new members of the Auvoria Prime community have to say about their SetUp experience:

Business Builders and Team Leaders!

Make sure your new Team Members know about AP SetUp Basic and AP SetUp Pro. Get everyone off to the BEST start trading with Auvoria Prime!

For the rich and successful among us, credit is a wealth management tool, one that helps them take full advantage of business and investment opportunities as they arise. Hardly any of them say that they got where they are today by using only their cash on hand. And because understanding and using credit is absolutely essential, attaining and maintaining a good credit score is also absolutely essential.

This is why people all over are saying…

“Hey, AUVORIA PRIME, MaxMyCredit!

(We are happy to oblige!) 

  • If your current credit score is lower than you’d like it to be or hovering in the mid-range, the time is NOW to start moving it up, so it can change from a financial liability to a financial asset.  We at Auvoria Prime want to provide you with the tools and education to turn things around for you with our MaxMyCredit Wealth Creation Workshops
  • If your credit score is already in the higher range, we have a question for you:  How has your credit rating been making money for you?  Wouldn’t it be great to have the tools and training by credit experts that can turn your credit report into a wealth management tool?  The MaxMyCredit Wealth Creation Workshops are designed for you, too!  
  • What about those of you who have great personal credit, but you have yet to make money with business credit?  With a Business Credit Account, you enjoy these benefits not available with your personal account:
    • It’s separate from your personal account, sheltering your personal credit rating
    • You have access more and different types of capital 
    • You can get much larger loans, larger lines of credit and credit cards with much higher limits
    • Utilization of your business credit cards does NOT negatively affect your personal credit score
    • It’s separate from your personal account, sheltering your personal credit rating
    • Inquiries for business credit do NOT negatively affect your credit score.

Credit guru Steve Didier has assembled the most respected and highly successful credit experts on his MaxMyCredit team, and they are eager to share what they know with you!  The AP LIVE weekly Workshops will give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to make credit your valued ally in your Wealth Creation, and every session will include a Q&A segment where you can have YOUR questions answered by people who know the credit game best. 

MaxMyCredit is unlike ordinary “credit repair” services in these three ways:

  • Negative credit items are removed more quickly from your report.
  • You receive personalized and individualized coaching to maximize your credit score and guide you to building a friendly credit profile.
  • MaxMyCredit comes with the company-backed guarantee from Steve Didier’s Limitless Credit Services.
Get on board with MAXMYCREDIT right away, so you don’t miss a single session.   

Steve Didier

Who is Steve Didier?

Steve Didier is a seasoned credit professional, author, speaker and nationally recognized credit expert who has personally helped repair credit and coached 1,000’s of people over the last 5 years into the 700 Club and beyond. He has gathered a team of credit experts who will share their knowledge and expertise with you in the Credit Experts Room of AP LIVE every week.

Steve’s Limitless Credit Education Course has guided thousands of investors to use credit successfully to build wealth. His “evergreen” approach to credit education ensures that the weekly tutorials he provides can anticipate and respond to changes in economic situations affecting the credit market, giving his students an “edge” not generally enjoyed by the general public. Each of Steve’s Limitless Credit Education Courses come with white glove credit service, including credit repair, coaching, education & consulting services personalized to each client’s individual needs.


(You, the Wealth-Builder, Especially)

To ensure that you, as a Team Leader, can build your organization and make money quickly, Auvoria Prime has upgraded our Rewards Plan to a BINARY COMPENSATION MODEL.

If you have decided that 2022 will be YOUR YEAR, take a few minutes to read through the PowerPoint presentation that follows.  It explains the AP Rewards Plan in full.  Here’s an overview:

  • The Rewards Plan offers separate benefits for Customers and Affiliates.
  • Customers have access to the AP Marketplace and the Basics Mastery Course, can “switch out” products weekly, and may earn free subscriptions with PEP Rewards.
  • Affiliates have access to all Customer benefits PLUS Affiliates earn money four ways: Direct Sales Bonuses, Momentum Builder Bonuses, Legacy Rewards and Check Match.
  • Affiliates may choose the products and training they use from three Access Pass levels: Silver (2), Gold (3), Platinum (4), switching products freely each week.
  • New Affiliates achieving Visionary 500 within 60 days and maintaining it for at least one week are RISING STARS, with special recognition jewelry and honor at AP events.  

In Auvoria Prime’s binary compensation model, ALL members will benefit from ALL new members who are sponsored by their up-line in the same leg. And apart from getting group commissions depending on the network marketing program you join, you’ll also be able to get extra BONUSES from each individual that you personally sponsor.

You can build your network in any depth and every member in the upline is guaranteed to gain profit from successful sales. Since each member needs to recruit only TWO new members, this can potentially lead to faster network expansion. The binary plan also promises to pay more to the Affiliates who bring new Customers and Affiliates.


Click the Alphabet List to Expand

Ashinda Scott United States (US)
Ashleigh Fitzwilliam United States (US)
Bassam Bayoumi Italy
Bobby Cole United States (US)
Brenda Isern United States (US)
Brett Kingstree Canada
Brian Weber United States (US)
Britty Allen United States (US)
Bronson Alan United States (US)
Chetan Arora Australia
Chinmaye Panda Australia
Chris Kronlund United States (US)
Christopher Cole United States (US)
Corey Collier United States (US)
Cowan Wealth Renaissance LLC United States (US)
Gemmalyn Entero Philippines
George Green United States (US)
George Thomas United States (US)
Ghulam Mohi Uddin Patel Pakistan
Gopiben Patel Australia
Grace Kronlund United States (US)
Hans Felix United States (US)
Harpal Nandha Germany
harpreet bhandal United Kingdom (UK)
Harrie Seerden Netherlands
Hennae McGinnis United States (US)
iMPACT BUSINESS United States (US)
IQBiz Financial Design, LLC United States (US)
IQBiz Financial Solutions, LLC United States (US)
IQBiz Financial, LLC United States (US)
Isaac Catumbo Matias South Africa
Isha Girdhar Australia
Magnus Engdahl Sweden
Mahammed Anamul Hoque Australia
Makenley Verdul United States (US)
Mansoor Ahmad Canada
Marco Manenti Italy
Marcus and Shaunt’e Reeves United States (US)
Marie Maniassom Cameroon
Marilyn Johnson United States (US)
Marvin Scott United States (US)
Massimo Manenti Italy
Matteo Carozza Italy
Michael Sancho United States (US)
Mike Wilcott Canada
Mikk Aedmäe Estonia
Mohamed bedir aboukhalil abdelmoeti Eldanaf Italy
Mohammad N U Bhuiyan Australia
Mohammed Jamshed Riaz United Kingdom (UK)
Mohsin raza Malik Pakistan
Monica Donati Italy
Moriah Lewis United States (US)
Muhammad Abbas United Kingdom (UK)
Naomi Tovar United States (US)
Nathan Draper Canada
Neelima Nallamothu Australia
Nilaufer K Singh Australia
Oliver Gray United Kingdom (UK)
Olivia Jackson United States (US)
Omar Menzies Canada
Ott Hunnev Estonia
Safeeer Khan Abbasi Pakistan
Salman Syed Australia
Samuel Agostini Italy
Samuel Fleuridor United States (US)
Sandra Lazzarotto Italy
Sarita Kadukar Australia
scott Perrin United States (US)
Shehab Samir Yousef Ismail Italy
Sherry RENFROE Lambert United States (US)
silvy Italy
Simran Preet Singh Australia
Siva Sireesha Meela Australia
Social Engagement United States (US)
Stanley George United States (US)
Stefan Renz Germany
Sydne Tillman United States (US)
Syed Abdullah Hasan United Kingdom (UK)
Taryn Davis United States (US)
The Market Hackers United States (US)
UD Australia
Umaben Gadhvi Australia
Danielle LewisUnited States (US)
Dave WhooleyBelgium
David HolborowUnited Kingdom (UK)
David MaesBelgium
Davide MangiliItaly
Decarlos SandersUnited States (US)
Derrick DuvalUnited States (US)
Donnie LewisUnited States (US)
Ejaz MuhammadUnited Kingdom (UK)
Elizabeth AlecioUnited States (US)
Elli CikovicUnited States (US)
Erica BreedenCanada
Etienne YumbaCanada
Everything EvolveUnited States (US)
Felix NordqvistSweden
Financial Leverage, LLCUnited States (US)
Founders Blueprint LLCUnited States (US)
Francesco ZagariaItaly
Freedom Fund CoUnited States (US)


Jackenson Verdul United States (US)
Jacquelyn Keener United States (US)
Jacquelyn Pineda United States (US)
javed imran Pakistan
Jeffrey Silver United States (US)
Jesse Garnier Canada
John Brennan United States (US)
Johnny Key United States (US)
Joshua Marquez United States (US)
Karl Erik Rannu Estonia
Kiril Kostov United Kingdom (UK)
kites United States (US)
Leslie Cole United States (US)
Lil Wall Street Colombia
Lorraine Hulett United States (US)
Luca quadri Italy
Padma Kumari Kadagala Australia
Palwinder Singh Australia
Parulbahen Patel Australia
Poonam Aggarwal Australia
Prodip Acharjee Australia
Quick It Chicken United States (US)
Rafiqul Alam Khan Australia
Reveal LLC United States (US)
Rey Alecio United States (US)
roberto silvestri Italy
Venkata Pindiprolu Australia
Venunath Nanna Australia
Willie Andrews United States (US)
Wolf United States (US)
Xavier beckon United States (US)

You, Too,
Can Be a Rising Star

Auvoria Prime makes it EASY as 1-2-3!
  1. JOIN Auvoria Prime as an AFFILIATE or upgrade from CUSTOMER to AFFILIATE.
  2. In your first 60 days, ENROLL 4 Customers (Bronze Access Pass or higher).
  3. MAINTAIN 21 points in three lanes for 60 days from the new Customers’ enrollment dates.
Note: If you’ve been with AP for awhile and would like to achieve Rising Star, you can “RESET” yourself to start a 60-day qualification period, the same way a new Affiliate does

You lose nothing you have already achieved and you, too, receive every Rising Star Reward!

  • A $125 Rising Star Bonus
  • A beautiful Rising Star pendant
  • International company recognition
  • An exclusive invitation to Rising Star receptions at Events



New Visionary
New Visionary 500
New VIP 1200
New VIP 2000
New VIP 3500

Click the Alphabet List to Expand

Al CardiUnited States (US)visionary
Alex FieldsUnited States (US)visionary
ALI CHUGHTAIUnited Kingdom (UK)vip-1200
Anamika SinghAustraliavisionary
Andreas OlssonSwedenvisionary
ANTTY LILLEPUUEstoniavip-3500
Apurv KusoorkarAustraliavisionary
Arry VaratuEstoniavisionary-500
Birshalinder Singh VirkUnited Arab Emiratesvisionary
Birshalinder Singh VirkUnited Arab Emiratesvisionary
Birshalinder Singh VirkUnited Arab Emiratesvisionary-500
Bushra FareedPakistanvisionary
Grady CaldwellUnited States (US)visionary
Gul NawazPakistanvisionary
Helena WargSwedenvisionary
Igor HercegGermanyvisionary-500
IQBiz Financial Design, LLCUnited States (US)vip-1200
IQBiz Financial Solutions, LLCUnited States (US)vip-1200
IQBiz Financial, LLCUnited States (US)vip-3500
Madis TuulikEstoniavisionary
Mairis AksinEstoniavisionary
Malik Muhammad UsmanPakistanvisionary
Manfred MuugaEstoniavisionary
Manjit Kaur VirkUnited Arab Emiratesvisionary
Maraya RamosUnited States (US)visionary
Marina KaramarkoCroatiavisionary
Marina KaramarkoCroatiavisionary-500
Mario RemusCroatiavisionary
Mario RemusCroatiavisionary
Marvin ScottUnited States (US)visionary
Mats JohanssonSwedenvisionary-500
Mats VSwedenvisionary
Max KurgEstoniavisionary
MEIGAN CANFIELDUnited States (US)vip-1200
Meigan CanfieldUnited States (US)visionary-500
Miran MagdičSloveniavisionary
Mohammed AlirazaUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
MOHAMMED SHAFIQUEUnited Kingdom (UK)vip-3500
Muhammad Asim QureshiPakistanvisionary
Muhammad HayatPakistanvisionary
Muhammad kamranUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Muhammad Rehan ul HaqPakistanvisionary
Muhammad Usman Ul haqPakistanvisionary
Mujeeb Ullah MakkiUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Niki GerlachUnited States (US)visionary
Saad KhalidPakistanvisionary
Saad KhalidPakistanvisionary
Saad MalikUnited Arab Emiratesvisionary
Safeeer Khan AbbasiPakistanvisionary
Safeeer Khan AbbasiPakistanvisionary
Safeeer Khan AbbasiPakistanvisionary-500
Saqib MehmoodPakistanvisionary
saqib mehmoodPakistanvisionary
Sarita KadukarAustraliavisionary
Sarita KadukarAustraliavisionary-500
Swathi ShridharUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Uzair KhanPakistanvisionary
Dagmar EngsoEstoniavip-1200
Daniel KotkasEstoniavisionary
DANIJEL GAJINCroatiavip-1200
DAVID HOLBOROWUnited Kingdom (UK)vip-1200
DAVOR MESARCroatiavip-3500
Emanuel IvanovCroatiavisionary
Eric GonzalezUnited States (US)visionary
Everything EvolveUnited States (US)visionary
Jaak KuldEstoniavisionary
Janar ArstEstoniavisionary
JASMINE HOLDERUnited States (US)vip-3500
JAVED IMRANPakistanvip-2000
Jo BellUnited States (US)visionary-500
Jonathon DavisAustraliavisionary-500
karl aksinEstoniavip-1200
Kerry TowndrowAustraliavisionary
Krishna SolankiUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Kvelle KiisEstoniavisionary


Paresh SolankiUnited Kingdom (UK)vip-1200
Peter BoultonUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Peter TaverneseAustraliavisionary
RAIDO LENSMENTEstoniavip-2000
RAIKO JURMANNEstoniavip-1200
Rajiv ChamoliIndiavisionary
Rajiv ChamoliIndiavisionary
Regina JoosepEstoniavisionary
REY ALECIOUnited States (US)vip-3500
River YoungUnited States (US)visionary
Rohan SolankiUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary
Roshni RavaliaUnited Kingdom (UK)visionary-500
Van HagestadUnited States (US)visionary
Vilonov OÜEstoniavisionary
XAVIER BECKONUnited States (US)vip-1200
Xavier beckonUnited States (US)visionary
Xavier BeckonUnited States (US)visionary-500
Zahid ImranPakistanvisionary-500
Zoran VisnicCroatiavisionary
Zoran VisnicCroatiavisionary
Zvonimir ŽivićCroatiavisionary
Zvonimir ŽivićCroatiavisionary-500

Auvoria Prime set the trading world ON FIRE on January 29 with a most exciting event…


STILLS FROM the event

Eager entrepreneurs loved every minute!

What’s Been Happening at


Ronna Harvey, USA Customer, says: “What I love most about AP LIVE is the strong sense of community vibe — education, energy, results and people helping people.” 

Over the past three months, Affiliates and Customers worldwide have shown that they agree with Ronna.  Traders with every level of experience have found that AP LIVE provides valuable training, insights, user-friendly strategies and shared trading activities that have enhanced their investment experiences.  And it all happened in real-time during multiple sessions that fit seamlessly into traders’ weekly schedules! 

You, too, can enhance your wealth-building every day of the week, with AP LIVE bringing expert educational value to Customers and Affiliates in vibrant, interactive sessions. The full weekly schedule is available to you on any of the AP LIVE pages and on our EVENTS page.

And Nathan’s at it again!


The Market Maker EA Logo

How would you like to have a glimpse into the market’s future?  With Nathan Williams’ new Market Makers directional algorithm, you can see where and when the market makers are changing their trend direction… BEFORE it happens.  This puts you in the position to grab trading opportunities the second they appear!  Then Nathan’s ingenious Red Light Green Light indicator provides the visual prompt for “Buy” or “Sell.”

With a solid reputation for innovative software development, Nathan has done it again!  Auvoria Prime is overjoyed to launch his newest trading innovations, unique tools that offer groundbreaking benefits.  With Market Makers Trend and Red Light Green Light, you get:

  • Simplistic user interface
  • Software that works in unison with the RLGL, AIRO and all Nathan’s programs
  • An “edge” when it comes to trading  
  • Support for trader confidence in their trades 
  • A manual trading indicator and an automated Expert Advisor
  • Versatility: can be used with with naked charts or other trading products

With simple setup and a minimum starting balance of only $100, these two new products from Nathan Williams and Auvoria Prime provide simple on-screen visuals with precise market entry opportunities and they are ideal for traders with every level of experience.

Give Market Makers Trend and Red Light Green Light a try… 

Isn’t it time that YOU get ahead of the game?



The NEW AiMM Trade Room  is now INCLUDED with any subscription to AIRO, Red Light Green Light or Market Maker!

Isn’t it time that YOU AiMM for success with this one-of-a-kind trading ECOSYSTEM that will help you simplify the complex world of trading?


We have made quite a few updates in your AP back office & dashboard to improve your experience! Now you have an easy to navigate site. Here are a few of them: 

  • Dashboard Onboarding Feature Tour added
  • Custom Referral Link widget
  • Rank Stats Reporting Widget enhancements
  • Genealogy Page revisions 
  • ‘Include non-placed users in data’ option added to affiliate reporting stats
  • Dashboard My Products widget added 
  • Marketplace product switch management page enhancements 

Watch for the MOMENTUM Incentive Trip 2023 widget coming next! 

BTW… We have added MassPay to our global wallet payout options! 

MassPay’s international payout network is vast and offers fees that are very competitive. Their cutting-edge technology platform allows full automation of clients’ international payments with full compliance to US, EU, and other jurisdictions.

Here is a resource to check withdrawal options from MassPay available in your country: 

Watch this MassPay setup tutorial to get started: 

Let’s Check the AP Marketplace Inventory



Named after the all-powerful god of Greek mythology, ZEUS can give traders in a wide variety of markets greater control over their investment growth.   As a semi-automatic indicator designed with super scalping, momentum price action strategy, ZEUS allows traders to enter the markets stress-free, while the EA manages trades based on traders’ prearranged settings.

Originally developed as a scalping/price action strategy for trading gold, ZEUS has proven itself as essential to the trading of all metals, Forex (all currency pairs), crypto and indices.  With the Trade Manager in ZEUS, traders can preset sl, take partial points, break-even and full tp. When a trader enters the market, ZEUS will completely take over and manage the trades, based on the prearranged settings, allowing traders to focus on their overall trading strategy.  Management time for a trader with ZEUS?  As little as thirty seconds a week!

Does ZEUS sound like something for YOU to try?  OF COURSE!  Go to the AP Marketplace NOW and add ZEUS to your trading toolbox!


Here is another innovative, user-friendly trading tool that we have eagerly added to the AP Marketplace.  While PANTHER is not a “set-and-forget” software, once the user chooses risk settings, the software can take things from there on, so PANTHER is a true time-saver!  

Proven through five years of back-test data, PANTHER has been running on live trade accounts for over a year, using custom-pairing strategies that have shown success for more than four years. While PANTHER is largely “hands-off” for users, the PANTHER Team encourages traders to invest an hour weekly on the update call to ensure that their user settings will be the most productive for the coming week. 

Since PANTHER is appropriate for traders on all levels of experience, we encourage you to give this new tool a try.  A minimal investment of $500 can get you started!


Go to the AP Marketplace and choose PANTHER!   



GearBox allows you to customize your trading experience and leverage unlimited trading options. It is wholly CUSTOMIZABLE software that is ideal for beginners and casual traders and that employs strategies familiar to traders who have used Ainstein and Alexander products, while decreasing risk and increasing profit potential With GearBox, you can TRADE ANY FX Major or Minor CURRENCY PAIR, while the software SCANS THE MARKETS for best trade setups, focuses on HIGH PROFITABILITY Swing Trades and offers LOW RISK & low exposure.


VeriBull provides you the ability to make the smartest moves continuously to expand your portfolio realistically…with patience and a reliable strategy! Ideal for Intermediate/Advanced traders.


NEO provides you the flexibility to create short-term growth while maintaining a consistent, long-term Forex strategy! For Beginners to Advanced traders (depending on investment levels).


FLASH is the answer to a problem seen by many Forex traders, who find trading in the currency market too complicated and not as successful financially as they had hoped it would be. With a minimum investment of $1000, the trader’s FLASH EA uses a stochastic* indicator and major support & resistance levels to set up pending orders.


Show off AUVORIA PRIME wherever you go!



New Products, New Trade Room Opportunities

Exciting Events

Watch For Details 


Carefully consider your trading goals, level of experience and risk appetite before entering the forex market. Do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Past results are not indicative of future results. All alerts are sent uniformly regardless of a user’s personal financial situation. Auvoria Prime does not exercise any authority over any trades. All trades are at the full discretion of the user.

Auvoria PrimeTM, Inc. is the gateway to innovative technology. We believe we can empower individuals through education, skillful training, and by providing tools to teach people how they can participate in financial markets in a safe and compliant manner.



Steve Didier
Steve Didier
Steve Didier is a seasoned credit professional, author, speaker and nationally recognized credit expert who has personally helped repair credit and coached 1,000’s of people over the last 5 years into the 700 Club and beyond.