Who We Are

We offer our clients world-class financial products to help them build a true legacy. Our core values guide us in providing everyone with a company that is operated the right way, creating stability and security. And last, but not least, to care for our employees, and their families as we create our individual and joint legacies. We are about creating legacies the right way.

Tools & Education That Empower You

We specialize in tools that help customers learn how to trade in the financial markets. We begin with educating customers regarding the foreign exchange currency markets (FX, Forex). 

With a full 25-part video series on the foundations of Forex trading and live Zoom sessions Monday thru Friday, you could be a professional trader sooner than you could imagine!


Auvoria PrimeTM founders and the entire supporting team have an extensive background and experience to deliver the very best in class of service, products, and innovation.

A Network of Independent Entrepreneurs

We are a network comprised of independent and professional entrepreneurs from all over the world. With a unique mixture of backgrounds in administration, education, finance, marketing, software development and more, it is our mission is to provide our customers with world-class products, designed with the latest technology. The kind of intelligence that improves any one of the valuable aspects life. 

Our focus is our customers! We understand that, without customers, there is no Auvoria PrimeTM

Our Core Values

Elevated Professionalism

Elevated Professionalism is being honest, respectful, courteous, correct in our dealings with others.  It is doing what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it and both accepting responsibility and being willing to be held accountable by your peers and clients. All around it is just a better way of professional conduct and a better way of doing business.

Elevated Individual & Family Living

While elevated professionalism is a corporate value, we also hold the principles of Elevated living across all facets of life (health, finance, relationships and peace of mind) in our personal and family lives and how we show up in our communities and are committed to hold each other to an elevated level of individual and corporate standards.

Team Oriented

A team is an organization that has the humility to work in collaboration. Where there is an environment of open communication, Honesty, Transparency, and Integrity. We believe that we succeed together, and that we learn from our failures together… as a team. At Auvoria PrimeTM it is about that “ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL” culture, because together we are better.


Organization, tracking, accountability, attention to detail. These are prime and primordial when to comes to creating a corporate legacy. We have implemented top notch systems to organize flow of work and decision making within our organization. This will help us achieve more and more quickly than others.


We believe that our providers, customers, employees, agents and affiliates are the most important assets we have, we will take great strides to take care of them, committing our time, talents, resources and availability to provide them with most secure opportunities while being good stewards of the operations and financial matters of the company. This will provide long term viability and stability.

Commitment to Quality

We will handle the introduction and maintenance of every product, every service, with extreme care, vetting, and research to make sure that the products and services offered, do what we say they do.


We believe in being our “brother’s keeper”, we believe in making the world a better place, we believe in touching lives and giving light back out into the world. We will partner with organizations that are doing good in the world to help expand their light and touch more lives.

Ready to Learn What Auvoria PrimeTM Can Do For You?

Our packages have everything you need to get started quickly and with the support necessary for your success. Our products and packages have been designed to empower you with the the most exciting and innovative technologies so that you can work in the largest financial market in the world. We are Auvoria PrimeTM!