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How do I become a member of Auvoria Prime?

Becoming a member of Auvoria Prime simply requires creating an account and subscription. When you become a member, make sure you go through the onboarding process to connect you to the resources that will make your AP Experience smoother and more profitable. It is always best to get official news firsthand.

What makes Auvoria Prime, Inc. unique?

Some companies offer similar services, and we are sure they have services that vary in value. We will outline some key differences between Auvoria Prime and other companies.

  1. Auvoria Prime has taken our vendors’ protection very seriously and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in developing systems that prevent the thievery of files.
  2. Auvoria Prime takes compliance very seriously. We see other companies, not all, blatantly violating regulations within the US and other countries.
  3. One important feature unique to Auvoria Prime is the Manual Alert Verification (MAV) technology for Expert Advisors (EA). Automated trading is forbidden in the United States and Belgium and is under consideration in other countries. To meet these regulations, under the guidance of attorneys familiar with the CFTC, Auvoria Prime has implemented MAV, so the user must approve every trade notification once they have a chance to review the trade and decide if it is a good trade for them.
  4. Another unique aspect of Auvoria Prime is the Customer to Affiliate ratio. The company’s customer to affiliate ratio is around 85% to 15%, fluctuating over time. Many companies, not all, focus solely on recruiting and not their products or services. It is vital to Auvoria Prime that we maintain a high level of education, guidance, and technology to help people learn to trade manually or with indicators and expert advisors. We know that if we empower our customers, the company will grow the right way, with excitement but not hype.
  5. Perhaps not unique, but necessary to state is that Auvoria Prime does not take any investment money from any customer. The company provides education and software to help people trade more successfully. Too many Ponzi schemes on the Internet take your money directly and provide no education or valid product or service.

What is an Expert Advisor (EA)?

An Expert Advisor is software created in a programming language like MQL4 or MQL5 for trading platforms by a developer. Generally, a trader attempts to convert his trading style into a program that other people can use to trade. The software is based on algorithms that follow tick data from live market feeds and suggest or take trades based on the user’s selection of settings. They typically trade automatically, which is allowed in many countries worldwide. In the United States and Belgium, selling software that trades automatically, without the involvement of human interaction, is not permitted. Therefore, Auvoria Prime has implemented technology enabling users to approve each trade notification they want to take after reviewing the chart.

Many expert advisors fail in certain types of markets, primarily long trending markets, mainly if the software uses a Martingale-style trading strategy. Auvoria Prime and the developers of the products offered at AP work hard to provide software that uses proper risk management, and we ask that traders avoid being greedy.

If you are new to AP and want to try a product, you can reach out to our support department and ask how you can get a free 14-day trial.

If you were referred to Auvoria Prime by someone, please let us know so we can pair you up with them when you create an account.

What is an Indicator?

An indicator is software that takes market data and, based on a programmed algorithm, will “mark up” a chart to help you decide to make a trade or not. There are hundreds, if not more than a thousand indicators, some good, some bad, some limited, some expansive. At Auvoria Prime, we put each indicator through a beta test of seasoned traders to see if it performs as described by the developer. We have turned away several programs that didn’t meet our standards. When we find a good indicator, we add it to the AP Marketplace and ensure the developer provides weekly live training via AP LIVE. They also have recorded tutorial videos that explain how the indicator works. We attempt to make things as easy as possible and are always open to suggestions. If you are new to AP and want to try a product at AP, you can reach out to our support department and ask how you can get a free 14-day trial.

If someone referred you to Auvoria Prime, please let us know so we can pair you up with them when you create an account.

How does the Affiliate program work?

The Auvoria Prime affiliate program has two parts to it. Besides the affiliates, which have decided to share Auvoria Prime as a revenue source, Customers can refer three people to the software and get their software for free. We call this PEP Rewards, and you can learn more about it at

To learn more about the affiliate program, please refer to the Auvoria Prime Rewards Plan on the company website at

If someone referred you to Auvoria Prime, please let us know so we can pair you up with them when you create an account.

What is an Access Pass?

Auvoria Prime has chosen to use what we have termed an Access Pass, which works like the pass to a theme park. The Access Pass allows you to use multiple numbers of software each month and even switch the software you use weekly. You can purchase a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Access Pass, which gives you access to 2, 3, or 4 trading tools.

We were excited to offer customers who preferred a trading style based on their personality may not be met by one software. Good news! The customer is not stuck with that software for the entire month, and they can switch it weekly to find the right trading software. Maybe they thought they would like an indicator to find out that an expert advisor was better suited to them or vice versa.

To learn more about the affiliate program, please refer to the Auvoria Prime Rewards Plan on the company website at

If someone referred you to Auvoria Prime, please let us know so we can pair you up with them when you create an account.

What is a Trading Account?

A trading account is something a customer acquires with a broker and acts as a bridge between the trader and the financial markets.

The trader creates a trading account with the broker and funds the account. They can access the markets through several platforms, and Auvoria Prime uses Meta Trader 4 (MT4).

When answering this question, we only use MT4 but have inquired about MT5 and Trading View.

What is a VPS, and why do I need to use it?

A VPS is a Virtual Private Server, which is a piece of virtual “real estate” that you pay for on a server in New York, London, or Amsterdam. Your MT4 software for accessing the financial markets to trade is installed on the VPS.

There are some reasons for doing this.

  1. A VPS is online 24/7, which is vital if you use EAs that need to be able to monitor the charts even if your home computer is off. 
  2. A VPS will have a better connection to the broker and will be able to execute trading decisions faster than a home computer that could have an unstable Internet connection. The measurement of the connection speed is known as a latency speed, and we seek the fastest connections possible. As a matter of fact, when a user first creates their account with the VPS, they are asked for the name of their broker, so the correct server location is used. The speeds can vary from a server location to a broker location.  
  3. The VPS allows us to protect the software developers’ intellectual property (IP). We “lockdown” the files so they cannot be stolen and sold.

What’s Included in the Subscription?

The customer’s selections determine the subscription contents in the shopping cart or if they add something to the account in the future.

It is important to note that the subscription is not for a product in the AP Marketplace but an Access Pass.

Depending on the products selected, a VPS may or not be required, and it will be indicated during the checkout process.

Is there an education course that comes with the Subscription?

There are a few levels of education that Auvoria Prime seeks to implement.

First, Auvoria Prime makes every effort to continue to develop tutorial materials, like the Help Desk and Knowledge Base at

A constantly growing database of helpful and easy-to-use information to assist you in your AP Experience. Make sure you follow the onboarding process when you first login after registration so you can be sure to get connected with the communication channels and social media platforms that will help you be more successful.

Second, there are official Auvoria Prime live streams from the corporate team regarding product updates, events, etc. Some helpful live streams when considering the markets at large are the market watch calls with Steve Vetorrel, Chief Market Analyst with Auvoria Prime.

Subscribe to these YouTube channels to get professional market analysis information.

Third, the developer or educator of each trading software does a Weekly Insights call to help you maximize your potential with using the software. They will provide an analysis of the coming news that could affect markets and cause you to adjust your trading strategy to profit more or mitigate risks.

These “trading with the software” presentations are recorded and posted to the Auvoria Prime YouTube channel. You can meet the developers and educators to experience the various trading software solutions.

Some software is coupled with an AP LIVE room. For example, the AiMM Suite is connected with multiple traders covering the market sessions in London, Asia, and New York. There is live trading with explanations about the choices. Learn the basics through advanced manual trading. Learn proper risk management and how to stick to the rules.

We look forward to seeing you learn how to succeed with Auvoria Prime as a customer or affiliate.