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Get instant access to products including AIRO, Flash, Gearbox, Neo the Legend, Veribull and others for one low price. Includes the Crypto Advantage monthly fee. View the the access pass video.


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AP Platform
Crypto Advantage monthly fee
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Share Auvoria (Marketing tools)
AP Academy
AP Go (Trading App)
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4 Products

Products included with an Access Pass

These products can be switched on a weekely basis.


AIRO is an indicator tool that allows you to save time in monitoring the market for buy/sell opportunities while you go about living your life. Ideal for beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

A Strategic Stochastic Guided Trend-Following Trading System that chooses pending order trades. Only entering the best trades, FLASH works to compound profits.

GearBox allows you to customize your trading experience and leverage unlimited trading options! Ideal for beginners and casual traders.

Market Makers Trend

The Market Maker Trend algo is designed to show where the market makers start and end their trends. This gives the average retail trader an edge when it comes to trading in the financial market.

Neo The Legend

Neo is an advanced EA (expert advisor) that offers a fully featured strategy, contained into an extremely easy to use software. Anyone can use it, from very beginners to advanced.


The luxury next generation expert advisor that trades like a professional.

Redlight Greenlight

Red light means sell and green light means buy. Red Light Green Light alerts you to both the market makers trend direction & entries for any particular asset that the software is placed on.


VeriBull provides you the ability to continuously make the smartest moves to realistically expand your portfolio, with patience and a reliable strategy! Ideal for Intermediate / Advanced traders.