real-time trade signals

Get real-time trading signals from professional traders so you never miss a trade opportunity.

saves time

Get trade suggestions from professional traders

simple to use

Copy and paste trade details to your trading account

multiple signals

Get trade signals for all majors, minors and gold

mobile friendly

Access AP Signals on the AP GO app

Get trade signals from professional traders in real-time as part of your trading strategy to increase your win ratio. AP Signals are trade ideas that can be accessed in your AP dashboard or on your mobile device using the AP GO app. Each signal includes the symbol, entry price, stop loss, three take profit price points, and trade direction.

Trade signals for all majors, minors and gold

Confirm your fundamental and technical analysis for better trades

Works with any trading account, on MT4, MT5, and other trading platforms

Helps you confirm when you should buy or sell

Trade ideas use moving average and price action

Delivered in real-time

View historical signals to see win ratios

Day Trading

get the access pass

Increase profits using a mix of expert advisors, indicators, and live trading room tools with the Auvoria Prime Access Pass.

 * Includes Social Trading monthly fee

ap go mobile app

Never miss a trade. Get real-time trade suggestions to accept or decline on your mobile device. AP GO is compatible with many of our popular trading tools including Kraitos, Gearbox and Flash.