Software for Forex Traders Makes a Difference



Without software for forex traders, trading in the online marketplace can be an all-consuming, time-wasting chore with uncertain results for the trader trying to “go it alone.”  All that analysis, the confusing charts, the stress and worry (“Did I make the right decision?”  “Have I just lost my shirt?”)…

Why not let the trading experts take a load off your shoulders, and do all the “heavy lifting” with the chart-watching and analysis for you?  You set your trading parameters, then sit back or go about your family’s daily routine while A.I. software tools search the markets for trading opportunities just right for YOU.  Whether you’re trading in Forex, options, indices, crypto, or other markets, Auvoria Prime tools take the guesswork out of it all!   

This is what you get with software for forex traders from Auvoria Prime!  Each AP tool has been designed by successful trading veterans, tested thoroughly by traders and proven highly accurate. 

It’s simple to get started

Go to

Purchase an Access Pass, selecting two or more software tools to try.

Set up the software with your trading parameters.

Sit back and wait for Alerts!

The software scans the markets and sends you Alerts when a trading opportunity right for you shows up.  You make your trading decision with just a click!

With your Auvoria Prime Access Pass, you can choose the software that best suits your trading style.  Select two or more tools to work simultaneously, providing diversification: A trading opportunity discovered by one software’s analysis might go unnoticed by another software, so having multiple tools helps you “cover all the bases” in your trading.

Auvoria Prime software for forex traders

AIRO 5.0

An indicator tool offering low initial investment and using the BAG (Bounce, Arrow, Go) method for simple trading.


Offers incremental LOT size feature and Equity Protection for both USA & international traders.

NEO The Legend

An advanced EA with fully featured strategy, easy to use.


Strategic stochastic guided, trend-following trading.


Customizable EA offering low risk and steady growth, ideal for beginning and intermediate traders.


The luxury next-generation EA that trades like a professional.

RedLight Green Light

Red Sell, Green Buy. This tool brings the fun to trading & is ideal for beginners

Market Maker Trend

The only Market Maker EA directional algorithm available to the public that works on the MT4 platform.

All of the software for forex traders are products that are fully supported by expert educators and Trade Room opportunities, where you can learn from and trade alongside professional traders.

KEEP A LOOKOUT FOR MORE SOFTWARE TOOLS, coming from Auvoria Prime!    

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